LECTURE> Jowita Kramer at Waseda, Sept. 3, 2018

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Dear Colleagues, 

It is my great pleasure to announce a public lecture by Professor Jowita Kramer at Waseda University on September 3, 2018. 

Title: Spiritual Practice on the Path to Liberation: Śamatha and Vipaśyanā According to Yogācāra Sources.

Speaker: Professor Jowita Kramer, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich.

Time: September 3, 2018, Monday, 1:30pm-3pm.

Venue: Waseda University, Toyama Campus, Building 36, Room 582.

Abstract: This paper focuses on descriptions of the path to liberation found in Yogācāra sources and explores the role of calm abiding (śamatha) and insight (vipaśyanā) in the context of this path. Drawing on examples from the Mahāyānasūtrālaṃkāra and its commentaries, it discusses different models of the path and presents passages defining the nature and practice of śamatha and vipaśyanā. These passages will be compared with explanations from the Mahāyānasaṃgraha and the Madhyāntavibhāga.

About the Speaker: Jowita Kramer’s main research focus lies on Indian and Indo-Tibetan Buddhism (with particular emphasis on the philosophical concepts of the Yogācāra tradition) and on aspects of authorship and intertextuality in Buddhist commentarial literature. Her publications comprise a monograph on the Yogācāra concept of the five "categories” (vastu) of reality and several studies of the works of the 6th-century Indian scholar Sthiramati, including the edition of the Sanskrit text of the Pañcaskandhakavibhāṣā, a commentary on Vasubandhu’s Pañcaskandhaka. She has held positions at the Universities of California (Berkeley), Oxford, Heidelberg, Göttingen and the École Pratique des Hautes Études in the past and currently teaches at the University of Munich.

The lecture will be given in English and translated into Japanese. It is free of charge and open to the public. I look forward to seeing you then.

Nobuyoshi Yamabe

Waseda University