JOURNAL> Japanese Journal of Religious Studies volume 45/1 (Spring 2018)

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Dear H-Buddhism Members,

I am excited to announce the publication of the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 45/1. The JJRS is an open access journal, and PDFs for the current and past issues are available for free download on our website. I have included the table of contents below.


Matthew McMullen
Editor, Japanese Journal of Religious Studies
Bushelle, Ethan
Mountain Buddhism and the Emergence of a Buddhist Cosmic Imaginary in Ancient Japan [1–36]
Kotyk, Jeffrey
Japanese Buddhist Astrology and Astral Magic: Mikkyō and Sukuyōdō [37–86]
Licha, Stephan Kigensan
Separate Teaching and Separate Transmission: Kokan Shiren’s Zen Polemics [87–124]
Stavros, Matthew and Tomishima Yoshiyuki
The Shōkokuji Pagoda: Building the Infrastructure of Buddhist Kingship in Medieval Japan [125–144]
Carter, Caleb
Power Spots and the Charged Landscape of Shinto [145–173]
Benedict, Timothy O.
Practicing Spiritual Care in the Japanese Hospice [175–199]
Heller, Natasha
Review of: Gregory P. A. Levine, Long Strange Journey: On Modern Zen, Zen Art, and Other Predicaments [201–203]
Petersen, Esben
Review of: Betsy C. Perabo, Russian Orthodoxy and the Russo-Japanese War [204–206]
Yang, Haewon
Review of: Jennifer McWeeny and Ashby Butnor, eds., Asian and Feminist Philosophies in Dialogue: Liberating Traditions [206–208]
Green, Ronald S.
Review of: Bryan D. Lowe, Ritualized Writing: Buddhist Practice and Scriptural Cultures in Ancient Japan [209–211]