NEW BOOK> The Oxford Handbook of Buddhist Ethics

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Dear Colleagues, James Mark Shields and I would like to announce the publication of our edited volume, the Oxford Handbook of Buddhist Ethics. These thirty-one essays by twenty-nine of the finest scholars in our field look at Buddhist ethics from multiple points of view--descriptive, normative, applied, etc.--and cover ethics in the various Buddhist traditions and geographical areas in which Buddhism has spread.


Introduction--Daniel Cozort and James Mark Shields

PART I: Foundations

1. Karma -- Peter Harvey

2. The Bodhisattva Precepts -- Paul Groner

3. Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom -- Justin Whitaker and Douglass Smith

PART II: Ethics and Buddhist Traditions

4. Moral Development in Early Buddhist Literature -- Martin T. Adam

5. The Vinaya -- Charles S. Prebish

6. Bhiksunī Ordination -- Bhikkhu Anālayo

7. The Changing Way of the Bodhisattva -- Barbra Clayton

8. Madhyamaka Ethics -- Bronwyn Finnegan

9. Ethics in Pure Land Schools -- Michael Conway

10. A Perspective on Ethics in the Lotus Sutra -- Gene Reeves

11. Ethics in Zen -- Christopher Ives

12. Tantric Ethics -- Gareth Sparham

13. Buddhist Ethics in South and Southeast Asia -- Juliana Essen

14. East Asian Buddhist Ethics -- Richard Madsen

15. Buddhist Ethics in Contemporary Tibet -- Holly Gayley        

PART III: Comparative Perspectives

16. Buddhist Ethics Compared to Western Ethics    -- Sīlavādin Meynard Vasen

17. The Psychology of Moral Judgment and Perception in Into-Tibetan Buddhist Ethics -- Emily McRae

18. Ethics Without Norms? Buddhist Reductionism and the Logical Space of Reasons -- Dan Arnold

PART IV: Buddhism and Society

19. The Buddhist Just Society -- Peter Harvey

20. Buddhist Economics  -- James Mark Shields

21. Buddhist Environmental Ethics -- Stephanie Kaza

22. Buddhism, War, and Violence -- Michael Jerryson

23. The Ethics of Engaged Buddhism in Asia -- Sallie B. King

24. The Ethics of Engaged Buddhism in the West -- Christopher Queen

PART V: Contemporary Issues

25. Human Rights -- Damien Keown

26. Buddhism and Women -- Alice Collett

27. Buddhism and Sexuality -- Amy Paris Langenberg

28. Buddhist Perspectives on Abortion and Reproduction -- Michael Barnhart

29. Euthanasia  -- Damien Keown

30. Suicide in Buddhist Ethics -- Martin Kovan

31. Buddhism and Animal Rights -- Paul Waldau