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Dear Colleagues,

Recently I was asked to present a series of lectures on death and dying in Buddhism. To prepare for this, I of course want to consult as many relevant primary and secondary sources on this issue as possible. Of course, I do not ask that anyone do my own research for me, but my strong hunch is that several of you already have at hand bibliographies and/or syllabis on this topic. The H-Buddhism editors have advised me that it would be best if you first sent your lists to me offline. Once I have collected all the responses, I will post all my findings in an organized format to the whole list.

Many Thanks to All!


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Dear Colleagues,

Regarding Bradley's bibliographical query, it is also fine if you simply make your responses directly to H-Buddhism. This way we can see the responses as they progress, and know where to add as necessary.


The Editors

One good place to start would be Raoul Birnbaum's “The Deathbed Image of Master Hongyi,” in Jacqueline Stone & Bryan Cuevas, eds., The Buddhist Dead: Practices, Discourses, Representations (Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2007), pp. 175-207.

Walshe, M.O’C. 1978. Buddhism and Death. Wheel Booklet 261. Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society:

Peter Harvey, 1991. ‘A Buddhist Perspective on Death’, in A Necessary End: Attitudes to Death, edited by Rabbi Julia Neuberger and Canon John White, pp.105–12. Papermac.

Rita Langer, at Bristol University, UK, is doing work in death rituals:

Peter Harvey, 'Buddhism', chapter 5 in in Palgrave Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion, Yujin Nagasawa and Benjamin Matheson (Eds): The Palgrave Handbook of the Afterlife, 978-1-137-48608-0, 375518_1_En, (5)- 2017, forthcoming

Peter Harvey, University of Sunderland

Two more books:

Anālayo, 2016. Mindfully Facing Disease and Death: compassionate advice from early Buddhist texts. Cambridge: Windhorse.

Lama Shenpen Hookham, 2006. There's More to Dying than Death: a Buddhist perspective. Cambridge: Windhorse.

Best wishes
Dhivan Thomas Jones
Assistant Lecturer, Open University, UK.

Dear Peter and Paul,

Many thanks for your helpful replies. Quite a lengthy list is coming together, and as promised, I will post a full bibliography to the list right after the last suggestions come in.

Best to All,
Brad Clough
The University of Montana

Dear Brad,

We had a series of lectures about that topic in 2009, at the Center for Buddhist Studies in Hamburg, organized by Dr Barbara Schuler. I do not remember whether there is also a print publication. Anyway, there was a photo exhibition, and the lectures (all of them in German, by Prof. Lambert Schmithausen and others) are still online. You can find the links to the lectures here:

Kind regards,