ANNOUNCEMENT> Mangalam Research Center launches Mangalam Press

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Mangalam Research Center is pleased to announce the formation of its own publishing company, Mangalam Press. The new company will publish works of academic interest; other works relating to Buddhism are published by our sister company, Dharma Publishing. An excellent group of scholars has agreed to serve on the Editorial Board:

José Cabezón
David Fiordalis
Natalie Gummer
Jan Nattier
Alex von Rospatt
William Waldron

Mangalam Press’ inaugural publication, which grew out of a conference held in 2015, is  Buddhist Spiritual Practices: Thinking with Pierre Hadot on Buddhism, Philosophy, and the Path, edited by David Fiordalis. For details and the table of contents, a flyer to pass on to your library, or to order, please go to

We would be grateful if you could notify colleagues, interested parties, and your libraries about the availability of this excellent text. 

Our plan is to publish 2-3 titles a year; our next project is a book on the Sixteen Arhats, with superb reproductions of thankas from Bhutan. We invite scholars to submit inquiries about possible future projects. 

Jack Petranker, Director
Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages