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Maitripa College is pleased to announce the eighth annual Classical Tibetan Language Summer Intensive program. It will be offered from June 11-August 10, with introductory and intermediate course offerings taught by renowned scholar, translator, and educator, William Magee, PhD.  We are currently accepting applications, and invite you to share this announcement with anyone who may be interested.


This unique academic program at Maitripa College offers a rare and thorough foundation for students who wish to train in the Classical Tibetan language. Whether you are new to the Tibetan language or have been studying for several years, this complete presentation from the alphabet to the translation of texts is an excellent foundation for growth and mastery. Students who enroll in the Intensive are diverse but committed to: graduate work in Religion and Asian or Tibetan Studies, seeking knowledge of Classical Tibetan for personal study and/or religious practice, aspiring or professional translators and linguists, and researching topics related to Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan language. We welcome applicants to join our small classes, allowing for personalized support from the instructor and with peers. Portland is a beautiful place to spend the summer as well, with farmer’s markets, festivals, and access to the coast and Cascade mountains! 




TIB110: Grammar and Translation Methodology (6 credits), meets June 11 – July 6 and July 16 – August 10, 2018, four days a week, for three hours per day, plus additional self and small group study outside of classroom instruction. No prior background is required, and by the end of the summer, students will be translating philosophic texts, generally drawn from the Geluk tradition. 

Enrollment deadline is June 1, 2018. Anyone interested in the option of online participation must notify us of serious commitment by April 30. Tuition assistance is available, and ordained monastics may be eligible for full tuition waiver.  


TIB118: Introduction to Translating Classical Tibetan Text (1 credit) meets July 16 – August 10, 2018, four days per week, for one hour of classroom instruction per day. This course is for the student who wishes to gain entry to reading Tibetan Buddhist philosophic works in the original language. Students will begin to learn translation skills by working through an annotated Tibetan Buddhist philosophic text or commentary chosen by the instructor, such as Tsong-kha-pa’s Great Exposition of Special Insight or other texts.  




William (Bill) Magee, PhD, taught literary Tibetan at the University of Virginia for thirteen years, and from 2003 until 2011 he taught Tibetan religious traditions at Dharma Drum Buddhist College in Taiwan. He retired to become Vice President of Jeffrey Hopkins’ UMA Institute for Tibetan Studies. Bill is co-author with Elizabeth Napper of Fluent Tibetan: A Proficiency-Oriented Learning System for Novice and Intermediate Tibetan. He has published several books about Indian and Tibetan philosophical thought as well as a novel about a fictitious Tibet of the future. Recently, Bill has published three books in a series on Jam-yang-shay-pa’s Great Exposition of the Interpretable and the Definitive. These translations and more about Dr. Magee are available at the website archive maintained by the UMA Institute. 



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