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We are seeking one additional panelist for our Buddhist Tourism panel to take place at the International Association of Buddhist Studies Conference at the University of Toronto on August 20-25 2017. Here is the panel description:

Buddhist Tourism: Sacred Sites within Global Networks


With Asia becoming one of the top tourism destinations and recent trends such as Myanmar opening to tourism and increased numbers of Chinese travelers, there is a need to analyze the contemporary realities of tourism in this region regarding sacred sites of Buddhism. Sacred Buddhist sites become a cultural heritage attraction, a religious festival becomes a tourism promotion opportunity, and a difficult pilgrim route becomes a physical, spiritual and cosmopolitan achievement. Across Asia, Buddhists, government organizations, business corporations, and individuals participate in re-imaginings of Buddhism by patronizing sacred mountains, temples, and Buddhist practices. Advertising for Buddhist tourism promotes markers of belonging, so that tourists are not traveling to a particular nation-state but to a Buddhist world. This panel seeks investigate the ways Buddhist worlds are evoked for targeted audiences, both Buddhist and non-Buddhist. This panel will generate a comparative investigation of Buddhist spaces, identities, and practices as dynamic entities that shift significance along with networks of travelers and international relationships. This panel is concerned with, but not limited to, both mapping the networks and circuits of Buddhist travel and theorizing the relationship between Buddhism and tourism.

If you are researching this area of Buddhist tourism from either a historical or contemporary perspective, please send your 500 abstract as soon as possible to:

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