LECTURE> Toshihide Numata Book Prize in Buddhism Special Lecture, February 7 2019, Ryukoku University

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the Toshihide Numata Book Prize in Buddhism Special Lecture 2019 in Ryukoku University on be half of the Research Center for World Buddhist Cultures and Research Center for Buddhist Cultures in Asia at Ryukoku University and Society for the Promotion of Buddhism (Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai).

CFP> Journal Special Issue: Buddhism and Young People

Young people are often at the forefront of religious change. As research on Buddhism proliferates, a focus on Buddhist youth can shed new light on the changes taking place as Buddhist teachings, practices, institutions and resources are transformed, modified and redefined across different contexts.

TBRC down

Dear colleagues,

Does anyone know what the status of TBRC's website is?  The interface was slow all weekend and now the entire site is down.


Paul Hackett

Columbia University

WORKSHOP> Ratnākara Readings 2019, Mahidol University

Thanks to the kind support of Khyentse Foundation, this year the Ratnākara Readings will take place at Mahidol University, Department of Humanities, between February the 25th and March the 22nd 2019. This nearly month-long series of workshops focuses on readings of Sanskrit primary sources led by scholars internationally recognized as authorities on the texts presented.


QUERY> Buddhism and contemporary art

Dear colleagues,

a very bright undergraduate student who is a studio art major wants to to a research project on the ways in which contemporary Western (visual) artists have been inspired by Buddhism (Buddhist art, philosophy, meditation...). This is so not my field, but I find the question interesting. If any references come to mind that could help her, I'd appreciate if you could send them my way. Respond off-list if you think that this is too basic a question for H-Buddhism: of@austin.utexas.edu.

Thanks in advance! Best,

IN MEMORIAM> Frank E. Reynolds

Dear friends,

It is with sadness, but with celebration for a life well lived, that I forward to you here the news of Frank Reynolds' passing. As one of the mainstays of Buddhist Studies in the United States for many years, Frank was an important figure for many of us. I include below the obituary that has been circulated at the University of Chicago, where Frank spent his career.

Mangalam bhavatu.


Matthew Kapstein

EPHE, Paris, and the University of Chicago

RESOURCE> Jivaka Project: A Survey of Buddhist Healers and Healing

The Jivaka Project (www.Jivaka.net) is a collaborative digital humanities project exploring the role of Buddhist institutions, practices, and cultural orientations in the American healthcare landscape. At present, the website presents searchable demographic, geographic, cultural, and sectarian information, from about 45 different Buddhist temples, meditation centers, and community centers in the Philadelphia area.


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