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Journal of Buddhist Studies Vol. XIV, 2017.




Bhikkhu KL Dhammajoti 法光
Director & Professor, 
The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong.

Chair Professor, 
School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China.

Published by 
Centre for Buddhist Studies, Sri Lanka &
The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong (BDCHK).

Publication sponsored by
The Glorious Sun Charity Group, Hong Kong (旭日慈善基金).



  • Ānisaṃsa: Merit, Motivation and Material Culture
    Peter Skilling
  • The Buddha’s Eighteen Qualities (aṭṭhārasabuddhadhammā): The Pāli Commentarial Exposition 
    Toshiichi Endo
  • How Compassion Became Painful 
    Bhikkhu Anālayo
  • Punabbhava and Jātisaṃsāra in Early Buddhism 
    G.A. Somaratne
  • Ancient and Modern Interpretations of the Pañcavimuttāyatana
    Bhikkhu Pāsādika
  • Trials and Tribulations in the Study of the Cult of Maitreya in Theravāda Buddhism
    Dragomir Dimitrov
  • The Bāmiyān Prātimokṣasūtra: a “Buddhist Hybrid Text”
    Bhikkhu Ñāṇatusita
  • Mahāsāṅghika and Mahāyāna: Further Notes 
    Charles Willemen
  • Yogācāra Refutation of Tritemporal Existence 
    KL Dhammajoti


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