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Dear Friends of the Chinese Religions Unit,


The AAR PAPERS submission system is now open, and we encourage you to submit proposals to the Chinese Religions Unit. As you may know, the AAR is introducing a new format this year that encourages more 90-minute panels. We can sponsor either a) one 2-hour session and three 90-minute sessions or b) one 2.5-hour session, one 2-hour session, and one 90-minute session. Please keep this in mind as you organize panels and roundtables.


The Chinese Religions Unit particularly invites proposals on the following topics:


  • Academic Ancestors in the Study of Chinese Religions
  • Buddhist Marxists or Revolutionaries
  • New Anthology on Buddhism and Medicine (Authors Meet Critics panel)
  • Islam in Pre-Modern China / Monotheism and “sinicization”
  • Vernacularization of Religious Texts
  • Regionalism in Chinese Religion
  • What is a Temple?
  • Shamanism across Chinese (and Korean?) History
  • Digital Humanities in the Study of Chinese Religions
  • Translation and Terminology in Chinese Religions (90-minute roundtable)
  • Excavated Manuscripts and Ancient Chinese Religions
  • Rethinking the “Pure Land in the Human Realm” 
  • Religions and Social Problems in Contemporary East Asian Literature
  • Interactions of Confucianism with Buddhism and Daoism in the Medieval Period (with particular emphasis on the idea of mourning attire, sangfu 喪服)
  • Reading Romans in Beijing


If you’re interested in one of these topics, or if you have questions about the Chinese Religions Unit, please contact Megan Bryson at and/or Anna Sun at The deadline for submitting proposals is Thursday, March 1st at 5:00 pm EST. We hope to see you in Denver this November!


Best regards,

Megan and Anna

Co-chairs, Chinese Religions Unit

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