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Dear Colleagues,

Apologies for cross posting.
Please find below the call for papers for The 40th Congress of the Association for the Study of Religion in Southern Africa, which will take place at the University of KwaZulu Natal (Durban, South Africa) on 15-17 August 2018. The title of this year's conference is Religion, History and Materiality. Papers in the field of Buddhism are welcome.
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Elisabetta Porcu
Dr. Elisabetta Porcu
Senior Lecturer in Asian Religions
Undergraduate Program Convener
University of Cape Town
Department of Religious Studies
Director, Center for the Study of Asian Religions (CSAR)
Founding Editor, Journal of Religion in Japan (Brill)
Call for Papers
Religion, History and Materiality
15 – 17 August 2018 
University of KwaZulu Natal (Durban, South Africa)
With the rise of contemporary global neoliberal capitalism is a heightened focus on material objects as forms of self-expression, identity formation, political affiliation and displays of economic status.  Over the last twenty years, the rise of technology has also lead to a variety of new forms of materiality not seen before that have in various ways shaped, informed or affected religions. Materiality is not a new phenomenon and the history and expression of any religion is observable, at least in part, in and through its relationship with materiality.  
The 40th congress of the ASRSA is an opportunity for us to reflect on the past, explore the present and look to the future and the role of religion in society, through the lens of materiality and religion. 
We are inviting papers from across disciplines such as religion studies, sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, education, media and cultural studies to explore the relationship between materiality and religion.  
Some broad themes include:
  • Thinking about Religious Materiality and Theory 
  • Materiality in the debates on Decoloniality and Religion 
  • Gender and Religions 
  • Politics, Materiality and Politics 
  • Media and Religion
  • Witchcraft, Satan and Mediation 
  • Religion and Education 
  • History, Materiality and Religion in Africa
  • Economics and Religion
This particular ASRSA conference is pack with moments that will celebrate the past and look to the future.  
The conference will begin by commemorating the 70th anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi: 1869-1948, a religious political leader who had an interesting relationship with materiality. Prof Judith Brown will give the 70th Gandhi Memorial Lecture on the 15 August 2018.  The respondent will be Ms Ela Gandhi, Gandhi's granddaughter who is also the Executive Trustee of the Gandhi Memorial Trust. 
On the 16August we will be celebrating the launch of a Festschrift for Prof Martin Prozesky, a founding member of ASRSA.   
Our conference will end by looking towards the future as we run a writing workshop for young researchers helping them to turn their conference papers into journal articles.  
Proposals for papers should include:
  • A succinct title
  • A brief abstract (± 150 words)
  • Author/s name/s 
  • Author/s institutional affiliation
  • Contact details
Proposal for a panel:
  • A succinct title
  • A brief abstract for the panel
  • A brief abstract for each paper (± 150 words)
  • Author/s name/s
  • Author/s institutional affiliation
  • Contact details. 
Closing date for proposals: 1 March 2018  
Please email proposals to:
Acceptance of proposals: Before 1 April 2018    
Confirmation of attendance: 1 May 2018