JOURNAL> Online version of Buddhist Studies Review 34.2 (2017)

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Its content is:
Editorial 149
Peter Harvey
Bhikkhu Ñāṇananda’s Concept and Reality: A Reply to Stephen Evans 151
Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā
Beyond Class, Only Commentary: Rereading the Licchavis’ Origin Story in Buddhist Contexts 181
Charles Scott Preston
Christianity as Model and Analogue in the Formation of the ‘Humanistic’ Buddhism of Tài Xū and Hsīng Yún 205
Yu-Shuang Yao and Richard Gombrich
Broken Buddhas and Burning Temples: A Re-examination of Anti-Buddhist Violence and Harassment in South Korea 239
Young-Hae Yoon and Sherwin Vincent Jones
Review Article
Brook Ziporyn’s (Chinese) Buddhist Reading of Chinese Philosophy 259
Paul J. D’Ambrosio
Book Reviews
Reading the Mahāvaṃsa: The Literary Aims of a Theravāda Buddhist History by Kristin Scheible. 269
Reviewed by Julie Regan
Entering the Stream to Enlightenment: Experiences of the Stages of the Buddhist Path in Contemporary Sri Lanka, by Yuki Sirimane. 272
Reviewed by Pyi Phyo Kyaw
Tracing the Itinerant Path: Jishū Nuns of Medieval Japan, by Caitilin J. Griffiths 276
Reviewed by Nathalie Philips
Accounts and Images of Six Kannon in Japan, by Sherry Fowler 279
Reviewed by Ian Astley