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Dear colleagues,

this is to inform you of a new publication in the series "Sanskrit Texts from the Tibetan Autonomous Region" published jointly by the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press in Vienna and the China Tibetology Publishing House in Beijing:

Liu Zhen / Johannes Schneider: "Buddhist hymns : A New Collection"

Based on a newly discovered Sanskrit manuscript from Tibet, the book contains new editions of Candragomins's Jambhalastotra and Deśanāstava, Harṣa's Suprabhātastava, Varāhasvāmin's Devātiśayastotra, Rādhasvāmin's Viśeṣastava, and also a fragment of Mātṛceṭa's Prasādapratibhodbhava. The book also contains an introduction to the manuscript and its palaeography. In this volume the Sanskrit texts of Jambhalastotra, Deśanāstava and Viśeṣastava are presented for the first time.   

Details, information on how to order copies, as well as open access download:

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