CFP> Yogācāra Studies Unit Call for Proposals for AAR 2023 meeting

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Dear Colleagues: 

Below you will find the Call for Proposals from the Yogācāra Studies Unit of the American Academy of Religion for the annual meeting to be held in November 2023 in San Antonio, TX, USA. The Unit's leadership has outlined a set of panel topics that we are particularly interested in soliciting proposals for. If you would like to participate in a panel on one of these topics, please contact the person listed to inquire about the possibility.  Anyone is also welcome to propose either a panel or an individual paper on a topic not listed here. Please keep in mind that panel proposals are more likely to be accepted than individual paper proposals, so it is best to try to find other scholars with whom you can join to make a panel proposal on a shared topic.

● Korean Yogācāra. Contact Sumi Lee (

● Yogācāra Influence on Religious and Philosophical Movements in East Asia. Contact Ron Green (

● A roundtable on Jingjing Li's recently published book: Comparing Husserl's Phenomenology and Chinese Yogācāra in a Multi-Cultural World. Contact Joy Brennan (

● The Liberative Potential of the Imagination in Yogācāra. Contact Davey Tomlinson (  

● Avidyā (Ignorance) in Yogācāra and Other Traditions of Thought, Buddhist and Non-Buddhist. Contact Chih-Ying Wu(

Further information:

1) Proposals should be made through the AAR's online submission system, found here:

2) All proposals are due by 5 p.m. EST on March 1, 2023. 

3) Unlike last year, you do not need to be a current AAR member to submit a proposal, though if your proposal is accepted you would need to be an AAR member in order to attend the conference and present your paper.

Feel free to contact the unit's co-chairs (Douglas Duckworth, or Joy Brennan, with any questions about procedures for submitting proposals, finding people to work with on a panel, etc.

Best wishes,

Joy Brennan, Kenyon College (

Douglas Duckworth, Temple University (