SEMINAR> Second International Online Seminar of the Geumgang Center for Buddhist Studies, Feb 24th

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On behalf of the Geumgang Center for Buddhist Studies (GCBS), I would like to invite you to its academic event that will be held in a form of international online seminar on February 24, 2023. We planned to host a three-year international online seminar series entitled “Zeitgeist of East Asian Buddhism,” and held its first seminar with the theme of “East Asian Buddhists’ Awareness of the Times” on December 3, 2021.

In the first year’s seminar, which went online due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, two domestic and two overseas scholars made their presentation on how East Asian Buddhists were aware of the changes and crises of their state and society and reacted to their historical reality. In the seminar these scholars also examined the implications of “Patriotic Buddhism” (Aeguk Bulgyo 愛國佛敎), the first ideological motto of the Cheontae Order of Korean Buddhism, the founder of Geumgang University.

The overarching theme of the second year’s seminar is entitled “Buddhism as a Form of Life.” In this seminar a special focus will be laid on the diverse ways in which those in the newly emerging Buddhist communities pursued their religious goal in their daily life. The presenters will also delve into the historical precedents and ideological background of such new religious orientations. This research is thus concerned with the second ideological motto of the Cheontae Order, “Buddhism in Daily Life” (Saenghwal Bulgyo 生活佛敎).

For this year’s seminar, the Geumgang Center for Buddhist Studies invited four renowned scholars—two from Korea, one from China, and one from the U.S.—to make their presentation, thereby having an opportunity to learn diverse aspects of Buddhist practice in daily life that can be seen in Korea, Japan, China, and the West.

Once again, the GCBS would like to extend cordial gratitude to the scholars who make their research available at the seminar as well as to all the participants and audience. Thank you.


Seunghak Koh

Director of the Geumgang Center for Buddhist Studies



1. Seminar Schedule and Presentations

  • Theme: Buddhism as a Form of Life (second year event of the three-year seminar series “Zeitgesist of East Asian Buddhism”)
  • Time: 09:20-12:30, February 24, 2023 (Korean local time, GMT+9)
  • Venue: Geumgang University (Nonsan, Republic of Korea) and Online via Zoom please click on the link)
  • Hosed by the Geumgang Center for Buddhist Studies
  • Sponsored by the Cheontae Order of Korean Buddhism
  • Presenters and Presentation Titles:
    • Yong-Sang Won (Wonkwang University): “Boundaries between the Religious and the Secular, and Buddhism in Daily Life: Focused on the Lay Buddhist Movements in Modern Japan”
    • Jong-su Lee (Sunchon National University): “Aspects of Buddhist Religious Life in the Late Joseon Period”
    • Wen-liang Zhang (Renmin University of China): “Norms for Monastic Life in Ancient China: Discourses on the Precept against Meat-Eating during the Liang Dynasty”
    • Jimmy Yu (Florida State University, U.S.): “Zeitgeist of Modern Chinese Chan Buddhsim: The Case of the Late Ven. Shengyan”

2. The PowerPoint files of the presenters will be shared in advance before the seminar day, and those interested in this seminar can go over those files and send queries or suggestions to us from February 13 to 19. The GCBS will select a few items out of those queries and ask the presenters to answer them.

3. The presentation files are uploaded on this shared folder (please click on the link).

4. As for the queries, please send your e-mail to Dr. Seongcheol Kim (Professor of Geumgang University) at