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Dear H-Buddhism Members,

We are very pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of The Eastern Buddhist, Third Series, volume 2, number 2, December 2022.

The centerpiece of this issue is, at eighty-three pages, a concise, yet sweeping biographical treatment of D. T. Suzuki by Professor James C. Dobbins. The volume also contains the latest installment of Professor Robert F. Rhodes’s yearly report on Japanese Books on Buddhism, here providing an overview of those published in 2021.

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D. T. Suzuki: A Brief Account of His Life

James C. Dobbins



Richard D. McBride II. Aspiring to Enlightenment: Pure Land Buddhism in Silla Korea

(Nasu Eisho)


Kondo Shuntaro and Nawa Tatsunori, eds. Under the supervision of Ishii Kosei. Kindai no bukkyo shiso to Nihon shugi (Modern Buddhist !ought and Japanism)

(Fukushima Eiju)


Michihiro Ama. The Awakening of Modern Japanese Fiction: Path Literature and an Interpretation of Buddhism (Roy Starrs)



Japanese Books on Buddhism Published in 2021

(Robert F. Rhodes)


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