WEBINAR> Text and Image as Receptacles: New Perspectives on China-Japan Buddhist Exchange

Eric Haruki Swanson Discussion

Dear Members of H-Buddhism,

I am exited to announce our next online workshop, "Text and Image as Receptacles: New Perspectives on China-Japan Buddhist Exchange," organized by Premodern Japanese Religions Workshop (PJRW). The link to the registration form is highlighted below.

Workshop title: Text and Image as Receptacles: New Perspectives on China-Japan Buddhist Exchange
When: February 4 and 5 (JST)

Format: Zoom meeting

Sat, Feb 4, 9-11am (JST)
Presentation 1: Yamada Miki (JSPS Research Fellow), “The Image of the Demonic Spirit under the Heavenly King’s Feet: Its Origin and System of Transmission”

Presentation 2: George Keyworth (Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan), “What Can Premodern Japanese Buddhist Sacred Teaching Documents (shōgyō 聖教) and the Librarians Who Kept Them at Amanosan Kongōji 天野山金剛寺 from the 12th–19th centuries Tell Us About the Majority of the Buddhist Documents Preserved in the Library Cave at Dunhuang”

Digital Hallway Chat 
Sun, Feb 5, 9-11:30am (JST)
Presentation 1: Satō Yukiko (Associate Professor, Nara Women’s University), “Bishamonten Imagery: Its Birth and Development”

Presentation 2: Jiang Wu (Professor, The University of Arizona), “Printing for Enlightenment: A History of the Ōbaku Canon 黃檗藏  in Early Modern China and Japan”

Panel Discussion:
Wang, Xingyi (Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Albert Welter (Professor, University of Arizona

Ōnuma Yōtarō (PhD candidate, Tōhoku University; JSPS Research Fellow)

We will send the Zoom link to registered members the day before the workshop.
[Workshop Language]
Main language of this workshop will be Japanese. We will circulate English translation of the abstracts. Informal Japanese to English interpretation will be provided during Q&A, hallway chat, and panel discussion. 
Please register using this google form:
If you have any questions, please contact Asuka Sango (asango@carleton.edu).

Best regards,

Eric Haruki Swanson
Assistant Professor
Department of Theological Studies
Loyola Marymount University


Premodern Japanese Religion Workshop Steering Committee: 
Matsuo Kenji (Yamagata University), Fujii Jun (Komazawa University), Asuka Sango (Carleton College), Eric Haruki Swanson (Loyola Marymount University), Akiko Walley (University of Oregon), Yamaguchi Masashi (Part-time lecturer, Vietnam Japan University; logistical support).