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The Journal of Korean Studies, Fall 2022, Volume 27, No. 2


Textual Materiality in Korea, Premodern to Postmodern guested edited by Ksenia Chizhova and Olga Fedorenko



1. Text, Materiality, and Enshrinement Practices: Visual Culture of a Buddhist Dhāraṇī in Late Medieval Korea by Seunghye Lee

2. Obliterated Materiality: The Supremacy of the Book and Chosŏn Funerary Texts by Hwisang Cho

3. Kim Chŏnghŭi and His Epigraphic Studies: Two Silla Steles and Their Rubbings by Jeongsoo Shin

4. “A Great Invention of the East, Unsurpassed in History”: Tŭngsap’an Mimeography in Korea, 1910–1945 by Deborah B. Solomon

5.  Paper Bomb Warfare: Propaganda Leaflets about Consumerism in South Korea during the Park Chung Hee Period (1961–1979) by Anna Jungeun Lee

 6. North Korean Calligraphy: Gender, Intimacy, and Political Incorporation, 1980s–2010s by Ksenia Chizhova

 7. Who Is Afraid of Techno-Fiction? The Emergence of Online Science Fiction in the Age of Informatization by Dahye Kim

8. Politics of Literary Materiality: Yun Ihyŏng and Postmillennial South Korean Literature by Jae Won Edward Chung

 9. Taejabo: Remediations and Materiality of South Korean Wall Posters by Olga Fedorenko


Book reviews

The Power of the Brush: Epistolary Practices in Chosŏn Korea by Hwisang Cho. Reviewed by Marion Eggert

 Decoding the Sino-North Korean Borderlands edited by Adam Cathcart, Christopher Green, and Steven Denney. Reviewed by Alyssa Park

 Movie Minorities: Transnational Rights Advocacy and South Korean Cinema by Hye Seung Chung and David Scott Diffrient. Reviewed by Sue Heun K. Asokan

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