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Dear Friends,

I am pleased to share two new releases that may be of interest to those on this list.

1. The Second Karmapa Karma Pakshi: Tibetan Mahasiddha
by Charles Manson (Bodleian Library at Oxford University and at the British Library in London)

Born in East Tibet in the thirteenth century, Karma Pakshi, a key figure in the development of the reincarnate lama tradition, himself was the first master to be named Karmapa, a lineage that continues to modern times and has millions of admirers worldwide. During his lifetime, Karma Pakshi was widely acknowledged as a mahāsiddha and was therefore invited to the Mongol court at the apogee of its influence in Asia. He gave spiritual advice and meditation instructions to the emperor Mongke Khan, whom he advised to engage in social policies, to release prisoners, and to adopt a vegetarian diet. After Mongke’s death, Karma Pakshi was imprisoned by the successive emperor Kubilai Khan, and much of Karma Pakshi’s writing was done while he was captive in northeast China. He was eventually released and returned to Tibet, where he commissioned one of the medieval world’s largest metal statues.

This first-ever comprehensive biography of Karma Pakshi in English reveals new information about a pivotal historical figure in the development of Tibetan Buddhism and his interactions with two Mongol emperors. Also included are translations of several newly available songs attributed to Karma Pakshi and translations of ten excerpts of his writings on reincarnation, meditation, dreams, visionary experiences, tantra, and consecration.  Each of the chpters in Part Two come with sunstantial introductions by the author.  

Table of Contents


Part One: Life and Legacy
 Early Years 
 Meditation Development 
 Teaching, Traveling, and Building 
 Meeting Möngke Khan 
 Captured by Kubilai Khan 
 Return to Tsurpu 
Part Two: Writings
 Verse Narrative: Imperial Death Warrant, Exile, and Reconciliation 
 Prose Narrative: Dreams of a Buddha Statue and a Horse 
 Conversations with Mañjuśrī 
 Reflections on Tantra 
 Musings on Consecration 
 Song for a Disciple 
 Deathbed Song 
 An Esoteric Great Treasury

PAGES: 304
ISBN: 9781559394673

For other volumes in the Lives of the Masters series, please see We remain eager for additional volumes in this series, particularly those focused on women luminaries, so please let reach out if you have an idea for one.  


2. Red Tara: The Female Buddha of Power and Magnetism
by Rachael Stevens (Oxford)

This comprehensive overview focuses on the origins, forms, and practices of Tara, providing the reader with insightful information and inspirations relating to the goddess. Its second part focuses on Red Tara, a powerful and liberating form of Tara that is particularly important to connect with in a time of crisis. These chapters cover various forms of Red Tara found throughout the Tibetan Buddhist world, the particular qualities she represents, and how through prayers and meditation we can embody her principles and truly benefit beings.

Table of Contents


Part One: The Goddess
 The Origin of Tārā 
 Tārā in India and Tibet 
 Tārā: A Multitude of Forms 
 Becoming Tārā 
Part Two: The Red Goddess
 A Pantheon in Red 
 Kurukullā: Goddess of Love 
 Mapping the Body Maṇḍala: Pīṭheśvarī 
 The Hook of Subjugation: Red Tārā in the Sakyapa School 
 The Twenty-One Tārās 
 The Red Tārā Cycle: Apong Terton 
 The Continuation of the Red Tārā Lineage 

PAGES: 264
ISBN: 9781611809695

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