WORKSHOP> Introduction to Social Network Analysis for the Study of Buddhism and East Asian Religions

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This workshop might be of interest.


Introduction to Social Network Analysis for the Study of Buddhism and East Asian Religions

Time: Aug.1-8, 2018 (arr. July 31, dep. Aug. 9th)
Place: National University of Singapore, Department of Chinese Studies, Wan Boo Sow Research Centre for Chinese Culture

As part of the project "From The Ground Up: Buddhism & East Asian Religions" ( under the leadership of Jinhua Chen, and in collaboration with the Chung-hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies and the National University of Singapore I welcome applications for a workshop on historical social network analysis in East Asian Religion.
Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a method that is widely used in the social sciences, but that so far has had relatively little impact in the Humanities. Nevertheless, SNA has great potential for the study of religion both in history and the contemporary period. Its use allows us to discover new patterns in the way actors associate and interact. Innovative perspectives that bring to light unexpected structures can confirm or contradict our intuition of what was afoot in a given network. In the study of Asian Religion we now start to see the kinds of datasets emerging that allow the application of SNA. This workshop is an introduction to the methodology of SNA, current SNA datasets for the study of Asian Religion, and the software tools to work with them. The bilingual workshop (English-Chinese) is aimed at scholars of East Asian Religions, faculty and graduate students. There are no prerequisites beyond fluency in English and Chinese, but participants will have to bring their own computers and know how to use them.
After the workshop participants will be able (1) to use Gephi for the visualization of social networks, (2) understand basic SNA measurements and metrics, and (3) know how to use and access existing SNA datasets for the study of East Asian religion and history.

The workshop is free of charge. The Wan Boo Sow Research Centre for Chinese Culture at NUS will provide free housing (double rooms) for graduate students. Faculty participants are asked to make their own arrangements.
This workshop can allow only a limited number of participants, and attendees are expected to stay for the duration of the whole course.
Interested graduate students and faculty members in the field of East Asian Religions are welcome to apply by writing to Please include your CV. Successful applicants will be notified in February.


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Marcus Bingenheimer

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