NEW BOOKS> "Hamburg Buddhist Studies" series, free pdfs available

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Dear friends and colleagues,

Following up on Jonathan Silk's recent message, we would like to let you know that all current Hamburg Buddhist Studies publications—17 volumes altogether—have been made fully available as pdf via the Hamburg University's Numata Center for Buddhist Studies website. All pdfs are identical to the print versions.

In addition to Stefano Zacchetti's 2021 study, the newest publications include:

  • Adamek, Wendi L. Practicescapes and the Buddhists of Baoshan. Bochum; Freiburg: projekt verlag, 2021.
  • Allon, Mark. The Composition and Transmission of Early Buddhist Texts with Specific Reference to Sutras. Bochum; Freiburg: projekt verlag, 2021.
  • Roloff, Carola. The Buddhist nuns’ ordination in the Tibetan canon: possibilities of the revival of the Mulasarvastivada Bhiksuni lineage. Bochum; Freiburg: projekt verlag, 2020.

With many thanks for your interest and best regards,
Steffen Döll and Michael Zimmermann, series editors