CONFERENCE> Religions and Local Society in the Historical, Comparative, and Theoretical Perspectives: An International Conference in Honour of Timothy Brook

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Dear all,
We are pleased to share the full program of “Religions and Local Society in the Historical, Comparative, and Theoretical Perspectives: An International Conference in Honour of Timothy Brook”.

Title: Religions and Local Society in the Historical, Comparative, and Theoretical Perspectives: An International Conference in Honour of Timothy Brook | 歷史、比較學與理論視閾下的宗教與本土社會:卜正民先生退官致敬國際研討會

Type: Online conference


  • Day 1: August 12 (Friday) in North America, August 13 (Saturday) in East Asia and Europe (including UK).
  • Day 2-1: August 13 (Saturday) in North America, August 13 (Sunday) in East Asia and Europe (including UK).
  • Day 2-2: August 13 (Saturday) in North America, August 14 (Sunday) in East Asia and Europe (including UK).
  • Day 3-1: August 14 (Sunday) in North America, August 14 (Monday) in East Asia and Europe (including UK).
  • Day 3-2: August 14 (Sunday) in North America, August 15 (Monday) in East Asia and Europe (including UK).

Abstract: Scholars have paid a great deal of attention not only to Buddhism itself but also to its complicated interactions with local societies. This is especially the case with Buddhism in late imperial China. This conference will honour Professor Timothy Brook who has created influential and lasting approaches to the field from sociological and regional perspectives, especially in his examination of gentry patronage of Buddhism in the Jiangnan region.




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    DAY 1 - Aug 12 North America | 8月12日 北美 / Aug 13 Europe and Asia | 8月13日 歐洲和亞洲

    Welcoming Remarks from Co-hosts 共催迎迓: Jinhua Chen 陳金華 (UBC), Tiangang Li 李天綱 (Fudan), Dewei Zhang 張德偉 (Ji’nan)

    Keynote Speech 主題演講 1:
    Timothy BROOK 卜正民 (UBC): Locals and Tourists: Whose Buddhism? | 當地人與旅者:誰人之佛教?

    Panel 1: Religious Battling and Blending (1): Interactions between the Indigenous & Imported | 不同宗教間之相生相剋: 本土與外來宗教
    (Chair: Alison BAILEY; Discussant: Timothy BROOK 卜正民)

    1.1. Lianbin DAI 戴聯斌 (UVictoria 維多利亞大學): Forging the Chineseness of Kaifeng Jewry: The Ming State and Neo-Confucian Elite Behind the 1489/1512 Inscriptions
    1.2. DENG Qingping 鄧慶平 (China University of Political Science and Law 中國政法大學/UBC): 民間宗教的地理學研究:賀登崧神父的中國北方鄉村調查
    1.3. Thierry MEYNARD 梅謙立 (Sun Yat-senU 中山大學): Christian – Buddhist Conflicts in Late Ming Dynasty: New Light from the Chengdu conflict of 1643

    Panel 2: Media of/as Message: Shifting of Medias for Transmission of Buddhism | 媒介與信息: 媒介之移易與宗教傳播
    (Chair: WU Keping 吳科萍; Co-discussants: SHENG Kai 聖凱 [2.1+2.4], Eugene WANG 汪悅進 [2.2+2.3+2.5])

    2.1. FENG Guodong 馮國棟 (ZhejiangU 浙江大學): 宋代佛教藏經記再探
    2.2. SUN Qi 孫齊 (Shandong U 山東大學): 一座消失的石窟:河北宣務山石窟研究 | A Ruined Grotto Revisited: Study of Xuanwushan Grottoes in Hebei
    2.3. YANG Xiao 楊筱 (Chinese Academy of Social Science): Move to the Land of Abundance: Buddhist Sites in Northern Sichuan in the Early Seventh Century
    2.4. ZHANG Xuesong 張雪松 (Renmin U. of China 中國人民大學): 晚清民國時期北京社會中佛寺道觀的廟戶與鋪保
    2.5. LE Jing 樂晶 (Shanxi Normal U 山西師範大學): 「金銀」的隱喻:民間信仰的物質媒介及其意義世界的建構——以溫州「拜經」儀式為例 | The Metaphor of “Gold and Silver”: An Interactive Medium of Faith and Credit——Take the “Sutra Worship” ceremony in Wenzhou as an example


    DAY 2-1 - Aug 13 North America | 8月13日 北美 / Aug 13 Europe and Asia | 8月13日 歐洲和亞洲

    Panel 3: Religious Battling and Blending (2): Negotiation between Buddhist & Non-Buddhist Imported | 不同宗教間的相生相剋 (2):佛教與非佛教之間的協商
    (Chair: MA Xu 馬旭; Discussant: SHAO Jiade 邵佳德)

    3.1. Rostislav BEREZKIN 白若思 (FudanU 復旦): The Mystery of the Miaoshan Legend Origins in the Perspective of World Folklore Motifs
    3.2. XU Wei 許蔚 (FudanU 復旦): 明儒都督萬鹿園的佛教行腳與道教修煉
    3.3 KAN Cheng-Tsung 闞正宗 (Fo-kuangU 佛光大學): 殖民時期朴子官紳與齋教佛教化
    3.4. WU Keping 吳科萍 (Duke Kunshan U. 昆山杜克大學): “Buddhification” and “Daoification” of Local Religions in Contemporary Suzhou

    Panel 4: Temples as Fields of Power | 寺院之為權域
    (Chair: LIU Cuilan 劉翠蘭; Discussant: LU Yang 陸揚)

    4.1. WEI Bing 魏斌 (WuhanU 武漢大學): 北朝晚期的寺院與政治文化——「國」寺、政區與戰場
    4.2. Anna SOKOLOVA (GhentU 根特大學): The Establishment of the Dharmaguptakavinaya Tradition at Kuaiji 會稽 in the Early Eighth Century China
    4.3. Mónika KISS (Eötvös Loránd University [ELTE] 羅蘭大學): Buddhist Responses to the Problems of Society: The Case of the Nichirenshū
    4.4. Mariia LEPNEVA (Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences 俄羅斯科學院東方研究所): Refreshed Revival: Success of Baohua Mountain in the Eighteenth Century China
    4.5. Laura BOYER (EHESS 法國社會科學高等研究院): Regulating fangsheng 放生 Activities in Jiangnan, between Local Particularities and Historical Divergences

    Panel 5: Printing for Power | 權力之“刻印”
    (Chair: Mónika KISS; Discussant: Barend TER HAAR 田海)

    5.1. Noga GANANY 高諾佳 (Cambridge 劍橋): Popular Reverence and Commercial Publishing in Late Ming Hagiographic Literature
    5.2. ZHANG Dewei 張德偉 (Ji’nanU 暨南大學): Embedded to Keep Alive: Receiving the Buddhist Canon in the Local Society
    5.3. MA Xu 馬旭 (Lafayette College): Printing for Power: The Textualization of Popular Religions in the Ming Leishu


    DAY 2-2 - Aug 13 North America | 8月13日 北美 / Aug 14 Europe and Asia | 8月14日 歐洲和亞洲

    Panel 6: Identity Struggles | 身份掙扎
    (Chair: LI Tiangang 李天綱; Discussant: DENG Qingping 鄧慶平)

    6.1. HE Jianming 何建明 (RenminU of China 中國人民大學): 現代中國宗派傳承與認定的弔詭
    6.2. LIU Cuilan 劉翠蘭 (U. of Pittsburgh 匹茲堡大學): From Murderers to “Monks”: The Dual Life of Criminals in Rural China
    6.3. LEE Kuei-Min 李貴民 (Cheng KungU 成功大學): 越南僧人燈錄體系的建構與禪派的形塑

    Panel 7: Network Construction | 網絡構建
    (Chair: HE Jianming 何建明; Discussant: RAO Xiao 饒驍)

    7.1. CAO Jian 曹堅 (Sun Yat-sen U 中山大學): 多維視野中聖經世界的苦難問題探析:基於古代近東社群經驗的比較
    7.2. Marcus BINGENHEIMER 馬德偉 (TempleU 天普大學): Distinguishing two stages in the Late Ming Buddhist revival: a social network approach
    7.3. CHIEN Kai-ting 簡凱廷 (TaiwanU 臺大): 江戶曹洞宗僧全苗月湛「異國贈答」一事論略

    Panel 8: The Local vs the Cosmopolitan | 本土性與世界性
    (Chair: Jnan Nanda TANCHANGYA; Co-discussants: Thierry MEYNARD 梅謙立 [8.1+8.2], MA Xu 馬旭 [8.3+8.4])

    8.1. LI Tiangang 李天綱 (FudanU 復旦): 韋伯與漢學——《儒教與道教》的宗教學方法論研讀
    8.2. Eugene WANG 汪悅進 (Harvard 哈佛): Mental Photography and the formation of the global brain in China
    8.3. YANG Xiaojun 楊效俊 (Shaanxi Museum of History 陝西歷史博物館): 法隆寺玉蟲廚子與隋仁壽舍利崇拜的關係
    8.4. FENG Xiangjun 馮相郡 (Sean) (UBC): The “Lost Scroll” and the Changing “Local”: “Taigu School” and Its Secret Scriptures in China’s Twentieth Century


    DAY 3-1 - Aug 14 North America | 8月14日 北美 / Aug 14 Europe and Asia | 8月14日 歐洲和亞洲

    Panel 9: The Central vs the Marginal | 中心之與邊緣
    (Chair: Anna SOKOLOVA; Co-discussants: Rostislav BEREZKIN 白若思 [9.2+9.4], ZHANG Dewei 張德偉 [9.1+9.3+9.5])

    9.1. Ekaterina SKRYPNIK (Russian Academy of Sciences): Buddhist Text Prefaces Attributed to Wu Zetian 武則天 (624–705) and Some Features of Female Emperor Image Construction in Medieval Chinese Society
    9.2 YIN Shoufu 殷守甫 (UBC): How Should the Dragon King Memorialize the Jade Emperor?: Margins of Political Thought in Late Ming China
    9.3. Kirill SOLONIN 索羅寧 (RenminU of China 中國人民大學): Tangut Platform Sūtra and Chan Biographical Literature
    9.4. Johanna LIDÉN 李珊娜 (Stockholm U 斯德哥爾摩大學/Hamburg U 漢堡大學): Writings on Pedagogy by a Village Schoolteacher from the 19th Century Sichuan
    9.5. SHAO Jaide 邵佳德 (Nanjing U 南京大學): 中央與地方權力之間的宗教:以國民政府對南京佛教的改革為例

    Keynote Speech 主題演講 2:
    Barend TER HAAR 田海 (HamburgU 漢堡大學): Buddhism in Local Society: The 1313-1314 Restoration of the Travelling Palace of the Eastern Marchmount in Changxing | 佛教在地方社會:1314–1314年《長興州修建東嶽行宮記》


    DAY 3-2 - Aug 14 North America | 8月14日 北美 / Aug 15 Europe and Asia | 8月15日 歐洲和亞洲

    Panel 10: “Conspiracies” between the Elite & Grassroots | 菁英與草根之 “合謀”
    (Chair: Kirill SOLOLIN 索羅寧; Discussant: WEI Bing 魏斌)

    10.1. CHEN Yuh-Neu 陳玉女 (Cheng Kung U 成功大學): 晚明清初女禪師的出身、法脈及其成就
    10.2. SHENG Kai 聖凱 (Tsinghua U清華大學): 初期禪宗的禅律共住與“别院”别住
    10.3. YOU Ziyong 游自勇 (Capital Normal U首都師範大學/UBC): 10-13世紀的宜興善權寺與地方社會

    Panel 11: Literary Links: Buddhist Monks and Literature | 文字之緣:僧侶與文學
    (Chair: Bruce RUSK 阮思德; Discussant: YIN Shoufu 殷守甫)

    11.1. RAO Xiao 饒驍 (U. of N. Carolina in Greensboro 北卡大學格林斯伯勒分校): Contesting Frivolity: Amorous Poetry, Courtesans, and Buddhist Monks in Song Dynasty Storytelling
    11.2. WANG Qiyuan 王啓元 (FudanU 復旦): 晚明佛教居士法名考——以紫柏真可大師居士圈為例
    11.3. WANG Ludi 王蘆笛 (Xiamen 廈大/UBC): A Study on the Monastic Poet Huguo and an Analysis of His Poems from the Tang Dynasty

    More Discussion 未盡意