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Dear friends and colleagues,

The Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies will hold an advanced online Pāli course next month, from August 15-25. The course will consist of 10 days of reading and instruction (with Aug 20 set aside for private study), taught by Prof. Richard Gombrich and Dr. Alexander Wynne, and cover three post-canonical narrative texts:

Dhammapada-aṭṭhakathā 14.2: The Buddha’s performance of the twin miracle and ascent to the Tāvatiṃsa heaven.

Jātaka-aṭṭhathā 128 and 153: the Biḷāra and Sūkara Jātakas.

All reading materials will be provided, and all teaching (via Zoom) will be recorded for review by students throughout the course. The price of the course is £270.

For more details see, and contact

Kind regards,

Alex Wynne

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