RESOURCE> Video lectures on Buddhist religion and philosophy by Jeffrey Hopkins

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Dear list members,

The UMA Institute for Tibetan Studies is pleased to announce the availability of three complete graduate-level seminars on topics in Buddhist religion and philosophy in the form of annotated video lectures with textbook reading assignments.

The project began roughly thirty years ago when all three graduate-level seminars taught at the time by Professor Jeffrey Hopkins at the University of Virgina were recorded on videotape.  Recently, over the course of several years, these lectures were digitized, edited, and annotated for subsequent use by students.  That process having been finished, the resulting (approximately) seventy hours of lectures on Middle Way (Madhyamaka) philosophy, Mind-Only (Cittamātra) philosophy, and an Introduction to Buddhist Tantra are now complete and freely available online to all at:

where additional more recent recorded lectures may be found as well.

It is our intention that these lectures may prove of use to students entering the field or anyone interested in a rigorous and critical education in these subjects.


Paul G. Hackett