NEW BOOK> The Silk Road: Interwoven History, vol. 2, Edited by Walter and Ito-Adler

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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the publication of The Silk Road: Interwoven History, vol. 2 Buddhism, edited by Mariko N. Walter and James P. Ito-Adler (2022), available in affordable hardback edition from ACANSRS ( or Amazon (

Book Description

The volume examines the history of Buddhism along the Silk Road from antiquity to the fifteenth century in different regions with an emphasis on the historical contacts between East and West. The book aims to examine various aspects of the history of Buddhism in India, Gandhāra, the Tarim Basin (Khotan and Dunhuang), Mongolia, and China. Throughout historical times, the Silk Roads served as the major conduit for the transmission of Buddhism as they connected the major civilizations of East and West.

Table of Contents (Chapters):

1. Greek Buddhism? Early religious contacts in Greco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek Kingdoms  - Mariko Namba Walter
2. Silk Road Transmission of Astrological Lore to China - Indian, Chinese and Central Asian elements
    in Mahāsaṃnipātasūtra (T397) - Bill M. Mak
3.  Demons on the Silk Route: Māra's Monsters and the Faces of Fear - Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky          
4. Central Asian Influence on Northern Liang Calligraphy (397-439 CE.) - Chung-hui Tsui
5. Dunhuang Cave 272 and the Ruixiang  ‘One Buddha and Fifty-two Bodhisattvas' - Tianshu Zhu
6. Mes Aynak: Afghan Buddhist Art in Context - Anna Filigenzi
7.  Sudhana’s Journey to the Otherworld: A Buddhist tale from Khotan - Almuth Degener          
8. Mahāmāyūrī from Khara Khoto, Inner Mongolia - Sampa Biswas
9. Noble Ancestors Becoming Buddhas - Paintings of Mongol Khans and Khatuns - Isabelle Charleux