SYMPOSIUM RECORDING> "Translating Sanskrit Buddhist Philosophy for the Philosophy Curriculum" (Feb. 18, 2022)

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Dear Colleagues,

A few of you have asked that I share this link.

The recording of the February 18, 2022 zoom symposium on "Translating Sanskrit Buddhist Philosophy for the Philosophy Curriculum" is now available online here:

The symposium addressed the question of how, and to what ends, a new translation of Vasubandhu's Twenty Verses and Exposition (Viṃśikāvṛtti) might be integrated into college philosophy curricula. It was organized by Princeton University's Center for Culture, Society and Religion.

Panelists for the symposium included:

Panel 1: Harvey Lederman, Gabriel Citron, Susanna Siegel

Panel 2: Elliot Paul, Akeel Bilgrami, Dan Garber, Andrew Chignell

Panel 3: Alex Guerrero, Allison Aitken

Panel 4 (Translators' panel): Jonathan Gold, Parimal Patil, Trina Janiec Jones, Mario D'Amato, Dan Arnold, Richard Nance

Moderators: Hagop Sarkissian, Nataliya Yanchevskaya

Many thanks to all of the participants. Enjoy!


Jonathan C. Gold