LECTURES> Neil Schmid, "Chinese Dunhuang Studies in the 21st Century" BuddhistRoad series, from 25th May

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Dear colleagues,  

The BuddhistRoad team is happy to announce that the BuddhistRoad Guest Lecture will continue this year. After Cuilan Liu gave the first guest lecture in January, the lecture series of Neil Schmid, titled "Chinese Dunhuang Studies in the 21st Century" starts this month. This BuddhistRoad Lecture Series aims to provide insight into modern Chinese Dunhuang studies. In a series of 6 lectures, Neil Schmid will provide an overview of the major areas of Dunhuang research as well as key scholars, publications, research projects, institutions, and research directions.

The lecture series begins on May 25 at 2 pm (CEST) with the lecture "The Lay of the Land". (https://buddhistroad.ceres.rub.de/en/events/chinese-dunhuang-studies-21st-century-lay-land/).

For information on the lecture series, please see: https://buddhistroad.ceres.rub.de/en/events/.

If you want to register for the first lecture, please visit:



Furthermore, we are pleased to announce further, future BuddhistRoad lectures.

On June 15 Gábor Kósa will examine Chinese Manichaean writings from Dunhuang that use Buddhist and Buddhist-like metaphors in his lecture "The Refined Art of Manichaean Upāya: How Chinese Manichaeans Used Buddhism for Their Own Purposes".

For further information on this BuddhistRoad guest lecture, please see: https://buddhistroad.ceres.rub.de/en/events/refined-art-manichaean-upaya-how-chinese-manichaea/.

To register for the lecture, please visit: https://ruhr-uni-bochum.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5Elceqtrz0vHtwfYcgIM8V6kagq8TnoayOR


Lewis Doney,
University of Bonn