FELLOWSHIPS> CFA: Doctoral and Postdoctoral Opportunities at the Ghent Centre of Buddhist Studies

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The Ghent Centre for Buddhist Studies (cbs.ugent.be), located at Ghent University, Belgium, would be very interested in hosting either doctoral fellows (who have obtained a university degree in Europe) or postdoctoral fellows (from anywhere in the world)  Though the Centre's particular strengths are Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, we would welcome anyone working on the topic of Buddhism, broadly defined.

In Belgium, candidates do not apply to the university itself, but instead use the portal of the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO; http://www.fwo.be/en/fellowships-funding/). Funding is generous, covering up to 4 years for doctoral students and 3 years for postdoctoral fellows, and administrative and teaching duties are minimal. Strong applications that are unsuccessful in obtaining FWO funding will also be reviewed by the Special Research Fund (BOF) of the University of Ghent proper.

For more information, please refer to http://www.cbs.ugent.be/node/599. Deadline is February 1st, 2018. Parties interested in applying should contact the director of the Centre, Ann Heirman (ann.heirman@ugent.be).

Website:  http://www.cbs.ugent.be/node/599
Posting date: 12/04/2017
Closing date: 02/01/2018