CONFERENCE> Conference in honor of Prof. William Bodiford, UCLA, June 23-24

Dear Colleagues,

On June 23 and 24th Royce Hall at UCLA will play host to an international conference celebrating the life and work of Prof. William Bodiford on the eve of his retirement. This is a public event and all are welcome. Please register at the link below and join us for two days of merriment, scholarship, and reminiscence.



With warmest wishes,


Stephanie Balkwill, PhD

RESOURCE> DDB/CJKV-E dictionaries update, May 2023

Dear Colleagues,

I've uploaded the list of new DDB and CJKV-E entries for May 2023. We have 18 new entries for the DDB (Total: 76,935) and 110 for the CJKV-E (Total: 67,507)

Significant updates were provided by: Charles Muller.

New Entries were contributed by: Charles Muller, Dan Lusthaus, Dieter Schwaller, Jeffrey Kotyk, Lu Wang, Randolph Whitfield, and Yao Zhang.

Corrections and other minor updates were kindly offered by: Lu Wang, Griff Foulk, Charles Muller, Heng Shun, Jeffrey Kotyk, Kyle Kaplan, Dieter Schwaller, and Nobuyoshi Yamabe.

TALK> Different Moon same finger: Tsong kha pa and Mi pham’s application of Dharmakīrti’s pramāṇa theory, Jacob Fisher in conversation with Prof. Stéphane Arguillère

On  Monday, June 5, 6:30 pm Paris time, the French Society for Tibetan Studies (SFEMT) will have the pleasure of hosting:

Jacob Fisher (University of Oxford) in conversation with Stéphane Arguillère (INALCO)
for a talk entitled

Different Moon same finger: Tsong kha pa and Mi pham’s application of Dharmakīrti’s pramāṇa theory


SUMMER SCHOOL> Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia: Sanskrit Texts on Epistemology (3-8 July 2023 Vienna), register till end of May

Dear H-Buddhism members,

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming registration deadline (end of May) for a summer school in Vienna.  The one-week course, 3-8 July 2023, will focus on Sanskrit epistemological texts.

Details can be found here:


WORKSHOP> Thick Dharma, Abhidharma - HUJI, June 12–14

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am most pleased to annouce the following workshop at that will be held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in mid-June. For any further details, please contact me at eviatar.shulman@mail.huji.ac.il. The workshop is made possible through the generous support of the Glorisun Global Network in Buddhist Studies.

Best wishes,

Eviatar Shulman 


EVENTS> Online Buddhist Studies Events (May 23 - June 21)

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the below list of upcoming online Buddhist Studies events, compiled together with Mariia Lepneva.

The below list only includes events taking place the next month. The entire list is available on this Google doc. We encourage everyone to help keep this list up to date by adding events we have overlooked. 

Guttorm Gundersen,

PhD Candidate, Harvard University



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