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I believe the members of the H-Histsex network would be interested in the following films, which make great additions to any curriculum or research dealing with the visibility and recovery of LGBT+ women's history. The first film, ALL WE'VE GOT (2019) is a brand new release that follows communities of queer women to explore the important, inclusive physical spaces they create. The second film THE ARCHIVETTES (2018) documents the formation of "The Lesbian Herstory Archives" in NYC, from its origin in the 1970s to its continued impact today. See more information about these films below:

ALL WE'VE GOT (2019)

ALL WE’VE GOT is an insightful personal exploration of LGBTQI women’s communities, cultures, and social justice work through the lens of the spaces they create, from bars to bookstores to arts and political hubs. Social groups rely on physical spaces to meet and build connections, step outside oppressive social structures, avoid policing and violence, share information, provide support, and organize politically. Yet, in the past decade, more than 100 bars, bookstores, art and community spaces where LGBTQI women gather have closed.

Filmmaker Alexis Clements travels the country to explore the factors driving the loss of these spaces, understand why some are able to endure, and search for community among the ones that remain. From a lesbian bar in Oklahoma to the public gatherings organized by the Trans Ladies Picnics around the US and beyond, the film takes us into diverse LGBTQI spaces and shines a light on why having a place to gather matters. Ultimately, the film celebrates the history and resilience of the LGBTQI community and the inclusive spaces they make. Check out the trailer here.


Founded in the 1970s in a New York City apartment, The Lesbian Herstory Archives is now the world’s largest collection of materials by and about lesbians. For more than 40 years, the all-volunteer organization has striven to combat lesbian invisibility by literally rescuing history from the trash. Exploring the fascinating origins of the organization, THE ARCHIVETTES is a tribute to second-wave feminism and intergenerational connection, as well as an urgent rallying cry for continued activism in a politically charged moment.

Frustrated by misogyny and homophobia within academia, Deborah Edel and Joan Nestle co-founded the archives for those conducting research, both professional and personal. Over the years, the organization has witnessed many of the major milestones in LGBTQ+ history and has weathered several storms. Today, with its founders in their seventies, the archives are facing new challenges, including a change in leadership and the rise of digital technology. Watch the trailer here.


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