CFP (GSA 2022): Emotion Studies Network

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Call for Papers:  Emotion Studies Network 

The German Studies Association

46th Annual Conference

Houston, TX 

September 15-18, 2022

Deadline for Submission: February 25, 2022


The Emotion Studies Network of the German Studies Association will sponsor several panels at the Houston 2022 meeting.  We warmly invite proposals for the following two topics:

  1. Embodied Feelings – papers that explore the connections between embodied experiences, Alltagsgeschichte, or physical sensations and emotions.  How does the body serve as our bridge to the world, and how do we assess the feelings within it? What sources and methods illuminate this process?

Possible topics include, but are not limited to

  • Sexuality
  • Gender identity and expression
  • Bodies and emotions at different stages:  childlike, adolescent, mature, aged
  • Everyday experiences that yield strong emotional responses
  • Physical extremes and the feeling states that accompany them
  • Methodological interventions
  • How to use neuroscience effectively in humanities research
  • Literary and cultural engagements with embodied feelings
  • Embodied and affective dimensions of reading and writing
  1. Political Emotions – papers that examine emotional regimes and communities in the political sphere.  What makes emotions political? What feeling states are suggested, experienced, and performed through politics? Which emotions have motivated political involvement and how? 

Possible topics might include:

  • Ways that political entities ask historical actors to feel
  • How emotional regimes work
  • How emotional communities form or are transformed
  • How communities of feeling support particular parties and forms of government
  • Positive emotions (love, pride, protectiveness) within repressive regimes
  • Theoretical approaches to political emotions and potential sources
  • The role of ego-documents in researching political emotions
  • Potential contemporary sources for exploring emotions in politics 

This year, the Emotions network will also be collaborating with the Body Network and the Queer/Trans + Network to create a roundtable discussion of Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology.  We are still looking for one or two roundtable participants to represent the Emotions component of this discussion.

For participation in one of the proposed panels, please submit a 250-word abstract, along with an abbreviated cv, to by February 25, 2022.  If you are interested in the roundtable discussion of Queer Phenomenolgy, please email directly.