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This is to inform you about new contributions on our bilingual (German and English) online platform
History of Emotions – Insights into Research (https://www.history-of-emotions.mpg.de/en)
(editors: Margrit Pernau, Anja Laukötter, Laura Kounine)


New Contributions:

Joel F. Harrington
“The Executioner as Tabloid Author: Conscious and Unconscious Performance of Emotions”, doi 10.14280/08241.40
German version:  “Der Henker als Flugschrift-Autor: Bewusste und unbewusste Darstellung von Gefühlen“, doi 10.14280/08241.41

Marie Louise Herzfeld-Schild
“’With the harmony of the heart alone’. The Emotionalization of Religion in Heinrich Bone’s Preface to ‘Cantate!’ (1847)“, doi 10.14280/08241.38
German version: "‘Nur mit der Harmonie des Herzens‘. Emotionalisierung von Religion in Heinrich Bones Vorwort zu ‘Cantate!‘ (1847)”, doi 10.14280/08241.39

Rhodri Hayward
“Busman's Stomach 1937: Digestive Disorders and the Making of Modern Politics”, doi 10.14280/08241.36
German version: “Der Busfahrer-Magen 1937 – Verdauungsstörungen und die Gestaltung der modernen Politik“, doi 10.14280/08241.37


This platform aims at giving concrete examples of the methods, perspectives and sources by which historical emotions can be explored. It not only aims at showing that emotions have a history, but also at highlighting concrete examples of how the history of emotions can be written.

Analytical and methodological aspects of the history of emotions will therefore be illustrated in short contributions through the use of specific sources. Every article has a source as its starting point, ranging from ego-documents, advice or fictional literature, different media (photography, films, internet blogs) to various archival documents. New articles will be added on a quarterly basis. Hopefully, the platform will not only become a stimulus for debates but also a comprehensive archive for the expanding field. With this platform we would like to provide impulses from the history of emotions for other historians, but also for researchers from other disciplines. We aim at stimulating interdisciplinary communication and providing a platform for further networking.

Contact and Submissions: info@history-of-emotions.mpg.de