Coronavirus Lost and Found / please add to the archive!

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Coronavirus Lost and Found is a new public archival project where anyone can log the things they've lost, or found, because of this pandemic.  

Coronavirus is measured on the planetary scale, but felt at the human one. The losses that make the news are massive: thousands of lives, trillions of dollars. The losses that make this pandemic real to us are much smaller than that: one job eliminated, one celebration canceled, one sunny spring afternoon spent indoors, one irreplaceable person.  Unexpected pleasures coexist with all this sadness, though they don’t diminish it.  We find surprising things while we’re compelled to stay at home or maintain our distance.  We figure stuff out, stay in touch, get creative, keep kids entertained, appreciate our partners in new ways, daydream about all we'll do on the other side of this.  Coronavirus Lost and Found is an archive of individual losses and those feats of care and ingenuity that make life in a pandemic a little more tolerable. 

See what others have lost or found, and share your story at  Please also feel free to forward this on to colleagues, students, and friends who might be interested in reading or contributing.  



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