Symposium Announcement: 'Signs of Life: Puppetry, Emotions, Embodiment and Empathy' Symposium at QMUL

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Registration is open for the symposium 'Signs of Life: Puppetry, Emotions, Embodiment and Empathy'. Held at QMUL on October 20 14.00-17.30, 'Signs of Life' asks what role can puppetry play in unravelling the psychology of empathy and our ability to read each other’s emotions? How is it that we can we so easily feel apparently real emotions when watching bodies that are not even flesh and blood? Do we react differently to puppets, robots, avatars and people? And can we ever really ‘suspend disbelief’?

Puppet designer and director Mervyn Millar has been Artist in Residence at QMUL’s Centre for the History of Emotions during 2017.  He will discuss these themes and related phenomena with academic researchers from a variety of fields: Prof Emily Cross (School of Psychology, Bangor University), Prof Matthew Longo (Cognitive Neuroscience ‘Bodylab’, Birkbeck University of London), Dr Susanne Quadflieg (Senior Lecturer in Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol), Dr Joel Smith (Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Manchester) and some puppeteers will all contribute to round table discussions and debate. Chaired by Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith (Centre for the History of Emotions, QMUL).

Attendance is free: please email Helen Stark ( to register. This event will be recorded. Website here: