The Role of Emotions in Healing.

Dear Historians of Emotions,

A new free paper is now available to download, titled Plant Series, No. 8. MS408, Paris quadrifolia. The paper reveals some remarkable historic information about the use of the plant's toxins for treating conditions, diseases and infections. The plant also had religious significance due to its physical appearance, so it was believed to possess godly powers. These papers provide a good deal of information about human emotional interaction with medicine during the Medieval, when belief played a pivotal role. 

Conference report "Feeling DIS/EASE – New Perspectives on Modern History", 29–31 January 2020 in Berlin

Jonas Feldt, Institute for the History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Anke Desch, Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Freie Universität Berlin


New book: Modern Sentimentalism: Affect, Irony, and Female Authorship in Interwar America (Oxford UP)

Dear colleagues,

I’m delighted to share that my book, Modern Sentimentalism: Affect, Irony, and Female Authorship in Interwar America (Oxford UP), is now available in the US, the UK, and on e-readers everywhere. Please use the discount code AAFLYG6 and recommend to your libraries.

All best,
Lisa Mendelman
Assistant Professor of English, Menlo College


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