Welcome to En-Gender! Call for contributions

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En-Gender (https://engenderacademia.com/) aims on establishing an international community for the study of gender in the cultural studies, social sciences and humanities. We especially want to create a joint community for undergraduate and postgraduate scholars on gender. En-Gender started out as a journal, but it is much more now. We have a working paper series, a blog, a network of researchers, readings lists and yearly conferences. If you want to become part of En-Gender, be featured on our website our help us reviewing, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The En-Gender journal is published as a working paper series. Papers will be published individually together with a response which will appear on the blog. We suggest topics for the upcoming articles but always encourage new approaches and ideas. Our current call includes but is not limited to the following topics:






Creativity & Change


En-Gender encourages contributions by esteemed undergraduates, graduates and early career researchers who want to publish their essays, conference presentations, or part of their theses. En-Gender aims at providing the possibility of getting to know the publishing process, including blind peer review.

If you have something you want to publish, please write us an email to discuss the possibilities. You can send us your paper or an abstract to see if it fits the scope of the working paper series.

We are accepting submissions for small pieces, essays, papers and talks from 3000 to 8000 words.


We also have a podcast series in which we welcome graduate researchers and early career scholars to talk about their projects.


Please contact us for all inquiries at: engenderingthepast@gmail.com

Jessica Albrecht, Founder and Editor