H-Net Affiliates

Under the provisions of H-Net's Bylaws, H-Net occasionally develops more formal agreements to provide basic or advanced networking services for outside organizations. These partnerships usually involve provision for shared governance of an H-Net network, the disposition of shared intellectual property, some database and programming assistance, hosting of a simple organizational website, and/or a more advanced collaboration on a grant project or program in new media. Agreements normally provide for an exchange of content and audience development from the organization for services by H-Net. In some cases, the organization pays a service fee for advanced programming and site hosting.

Business History Conference - "...keeping our members in touch with each other and with what is going on in the business history profession."
Clio Online - Clio-online represents a network of German libraries and research institutions, which have come together to develop a central Internet gateway for the historical sciences in Germany.
The Cliometric Society - The Cliometric Society is an academic organization of individuals interested in using economic theory and statistical techniques to study economic history.
Conference on Latin American History - The Conference on Latin American History (CLAH) is a professional association devoted to encourage the diffusion of knowledge about Latin America through fostering the study and improving the teaching of Latin American history.
History News Service (HNS) - HNS is an informal syndicate of professional historians who seek to improve the public's understanding of current events by setting these events in their historical contexts.
Jhistory - Jhistory, founded in August, 1994, has been a forum for many fascinating discussions, with professors, graduate students and professionals debating and exploring journalism history topics.
Society for History of the Early American Republic (SHEAR) - H-SHEAR provides an interactive network/forum for scholars of the History of the Early American Republic.
Society for History of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (SHGAPE) - SHGAPE encourages scholarly discussion of US Gilded Age & Progressive Era makes available diverse bibliographical, research and teaching aids.
Society for Medical Anthropology - This web site serves the needs of medical anthropology graduate students, practicing anthropologists, scholars, and scholar activists who address issues of local, national and international health importance.
Turkish Studies Association (TSA) - The objectives of the Association are to promote high standards of scholarship and instruction; to facilitate communication among its members through meetings and written exchanges of information; and to promote international, scholarly cooperation among persons and organizations concerned with Turkish and Ottoman studies.