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The Art of the Review

VP of Research and Publications

Greetings editors, 
I am Robert Cassanello VP of Research and Publications at H-Net. As many of you know one of the signature projects at H-Net is the reviews program which was first launched in 1993. Although the interface and interactivity of H-Net has changed since that time, the reviews program has not. 

At the crossroads …

H-Net VP Teaching & Learning

I recently took a short break from H-Net. I used my time-out to reflect my experiences as a VP over the last 2+ years (and to explore why I have gotten more and more frustrated). Attending a number of conferences, I had the opportunity to talk to some long-time members of various H-Net Networks and some long-time (or former) editors, advisory board members and council members - and that helped a lot to find words for what was wandering through my mind for quite some time.

Academic Content

H-Net VP for Networks

A few days ago H-Net Council approved a new description of the H-Net Editor role. This new description had been drafted and mulled over by the Editorial Affairs Committee who approved it on June 23. Council approved it August 1. H-Net President Hollingsworth has directed staff to replace the old description where it appears on H-Net. For now, I’d like to share it here.