Welcome to the website for H-Net's Executive Council, the governing body for our organization. Here you can find meeting agendas, official communications from the officers and council members, voting records, policies passed by the Council, public planning documents and blogs by the officers.

Recent Content

New Strategic Plan for H-Net 2020 has been posted

Greetings, it is my great pleasure as the outgoing Past-President of H-Net Council to announce the posting of the 2020 Strategic Plan for H-Net. I encourage all of our readers, subscribers and network leadership to review the new plan that the Council has in place to articulate the direction in which we want to move forward as a community.

H-Net Help Wanted

The following is a list of H-Networks that could use a little help. So many great subjects, so many important networks, so much space to fill with new knowledge...and so few editors to run them. Each of these networks needs editors; without editors each of them is also in danger of being shut down.