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Open Access, H-Net and Mission-Driven Alliances

H-Net President

One of the (many) exciting parts of participating in the H-Commons is to be able to share and re-use scholarly communications across networks and with multiple formats. H-Net, in its new platform, continues to find connections across borders normally assigned to professional organizations eager to stake their claims in contested areas of intellectual inquiry.

Evaluation, Academia, and H-Net: Do you "know"? Or do you KNOW?

H-Net VP for Networks

I mentioned in an earlier post that we are in the process of crafting H-Net’s next Strategic Plan for the next five years. As part of that process, some of us are dwelling on how to evaluate H-Net’s successes and failures, and what we can learn about our performance to help us make decisions about our future.

Re: Welcome to all the New H-Net Editors and Advisory Board Members

Wait a minute! In the past, I have recruited many network editors but the gratifying thing about this list of new folks is that most of them were NOT recruited by me! They've been sent to me by existing network editors who did the recruiting themselves. To me this suggests editors are settling into the Commons, realizing the potential for their Networks, and finding the new folks who can join them in the effort to build on what we have. It's a wonderful indicator of strong network health and a sign of great things to come.