Welcome to the website for H-Net's Executive Council, the governing body for our organization. Here you can find meeting agendas, official communications from the officers and council members, voting records, policies passed by the Council, public planning documents and blogs by the officers.

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New review editors, network editors and advisory board members - as of January 2015

Our Vice-President for Networks, Patrick Cox, and Vice-President for Research & Publications, Robert Cassenello, have been working hard to support all the H-Net networks - and I want to congratulate them together with Managing Editors Jesse Draper and Yelena Kalinsky.


H-Net VP Teaching & Learning

I am Monika Lehner, H-Net's Vice- President for Teaching and Learning. l be using this space to keep you up to speed about iniatiatives and projects on teaching and learning. I chair the Teaching Committee where we come up with new ideas to make the many teaching-related resources and initiatives on H-Net more visible. I’ll be using this space to let you know about  things we have in mind and to introduce new projects, especially projects that go beyond the boundaries/limitations of individual networks and build on knowledge and expertise that we all bring into H-Net.