Planning Committees

I. International Committee 

H-Net is an international scholarly organisation. Ideally, the international committee will

  1. explore and recommend to Council initiatives that broaden our international activities and influence amongst scholars, publishers, information specialists & professional bodies.
  2. explore and recommend the establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships in the fields of teaching, research and publishing with scholars and scholarly bodies worldwide.
  3. be truly representative of the H-Net community in being comprised of a wide cross-section of editors from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds

II. Committee on Teaching

From its inception, H-Net has been dedicated to developing the educational potential of the World Wide Web. The Committee on Teaching has three charges:

  1. To critically evaluate and recommend awards for on-line teaching and research resources.
  2. To identify and publicize ways that new technologies be effectively used to enhance the teaching of the humanities and social sciences; to identify possible sources of funding for teaching and technology projects; and to facilitate cross-institutional instructional projects usingnew technologies.
  3. To identify and suggest ways that H-Net as an organization can promote the effective use of new technologies in instruction.

III. Publications Committee

All dissemination of information on H-Net's lists and Web is a form of publication as well as an aid to research. The purview of the Publications Committee is in two main areas:

  1. Reviews of books and other publications. In consultation with reviews staff and the networks, the committee will identify where additional review editors are needed and assist in recruiting them. The committee will formulate training and standards guidelines, and enhance the support of review editors through the Web and means.
  2. The committee has broad responsibility for "matters relating to research and publications." In addition to reviews and other Web content, the committee will advise council on new publishing ventures, both those of H-Net or those envisioned in partnership with other non-profit or commercial entities. The committee may prepare proposals or provide advice to council on proposals from outside the committee.