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H-Net VP for Networks

While working on my PhD I went through a period where I gave a lot of talks at conferences. I’ve really cut back on that, partially to focus on dissertation writing and partially because conferences are just not affordable. While at the height of my unofficial speaking tour, one of my committee members attended one of my talks. She seemed pleased with it and told me she really liked my presentation style—something she and I agreed not enough academic conference presenters seem to work on. But she also told me, “You need to write this is up into an article and get it published.

Digital literacy: competencies performed in specific technologies or a must-have skill for the 21st century?

Have you seen the latest issue of JOLT?  In the most recent issue of MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT), you'll find a couple of interesting articles on the concepts of digital literacy... or eLiteracy, computer literacy, media literacy... We all use different terms for basically the same concept in our policy documents or in teaching/learning practices.

DYK? DID YOU KNOW that H-Net has 10 networks with over 4K subscribers?

H-Net President

H-Net communities have long been an important space for scholarly discussions and offer a safe space to explore new ideas or to debate old ones. Whether large or small, the H-Net networks today work so well because of their editors' unflagging commitment to H-Net's mission and our belief in open access to and for academia.