Welcome to all the New H-Net Editors and Advisory Board Members

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Welcome - and many thanks to all our new volunteers who have come on board here at H-Net. You represent the wonderfully diverse and exciting future of the H-Net Community !

The following individuals have been nominated and approved by the H-Net Council since January 2015.

Review editor for H-Afro Am - Jewell Debnam, Michigan State University
Review editor for H-Afro Am - Richard M. Mares, Michigan State University
Review editor for H-AMCA - Sarah-Neel Smith, UCLA
Review editor for H-AMCA - Berin Golonu, University of Rochester
Review editor for H-AMCA - Jessica Gerschultz, University of Kansas
Review editor for H-AMCA - Saima Akhtar UC Berkeley / Forum Tranregionale Studien - Berlin
Review editor for H-AmIndian - David Nichols, Indiana State University
Review editor for H-AmRel - Bobby Smiley, Michigan State University Libraries
Network editor for H-ArtHist - Stefanie Stallschus, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Network editor for H-ArtHist - Franziska Lampe, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz
Network editor for H-Atlantic - Casey Schmitt, The College of William and Mary
Network Editor for H-Borderlands - Tim Bowman, West Texas A&M University
Network Editor for H-Borderlands - Sheila McManus, University of Lethbridge
Network Editor for H-Childhood - Steven Taylor, University of Leicester
Network Editor for H-Childhood - Kristin Williams, Wellesley College
Network Editor for H-Childhood - Jane Shattuck Mayer, Rutgers University-Camden
Review Editor for H-Childhood - Meredith A. Bak, Rutgers University-Camden
Network Editor for H-Education - Matthew D. Davis, Univ of Missouri-St Louis
Network Editor for H-Education - Richard Mikulski, North Dakota Legislative Council
Network Editor for H-Education - Kyle Steele, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Network Editor for H-Education - Gonzalo Guzman, University of Washington
Network Editor for H-Education - Jennifer Silvia Muller, Rutgers University
Network Editor for H-Education - Patricia Hansen, University of Lisbon
Advisory Board Member for H-Emotions - Deborah Gould, UC Santa Cruz
Review Editor for H-Emotions - Ashley Mays, Independent Scholar (North Carolina)
Review Editor for H-Emotions - Sara Hidalgo García, University of Santiago de Compostela
Review Editor for H-Empire - Stephen Jackson, University of Sioux Falls
Network Editor for H-Ethnic - Nicholas Molnar, Community College of Philadelphia
Network Editor for H-French-Colonial - Erica Johnson, Gordon State College
Network Editor for H-French-Colonial - Andrea Marras, University of Cagliari
Network Editor for H-French-Colonial - Timothy Best, Gordon State College
Network Editor for H-Gender-Mideast - Alice Leri, University of South Carolina
Network Editor for H-Genocide - Christopher Davey, University of Bradford
Network Editor for H-Genocide - Pamela (Penny) L. Herbst, Gratz College
Network Editor for H-Genocide - J.D. Bowers, Northern Illinois University
Network Editor for H-Genocide - Carse Ramos, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva
Network Editor for H-Grad - Douglas Priest, Michigan State University
Network Editor for H-Grad - Kent Peacock, Florida State University
Network Editor for H-HABSBURG - Timothy Olin, Purdue University
Network Editor for H-Histsex - Timothy Jones, La Trobe University
Review Editor for H-Histsex - Katherine Harvey, Birkbeck, University of London
Review Editor for H-Histsex - Philippa Hetherington, University of Sydney
Review Editor for H-Human Rights - Courtney Hillebrecht, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Review Editor for H-Human Rights - Krisztina Lajosi, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Network Editor for H-Iowa - Jeff Bremer, Iowa State University
Advisory Board Member for H-Kentucky - Angela Ash, Owensboro Community and Technical College (KY)
Advisory Board Member for H-Kentucky - Patrick A. Lewis, Kentucky Historical Society
Network Editor for H-Labor - Thomas Castillo, University of Maryland
Network Editor for H-Levant - Nancy L. Stockdale, University of North Texas
Network Editor for H-Levant - Jared S McCormick, Harvard University
Review Editor for H-Low Countries - Nicolaas P. Barr Clingan, University of Washington
Network Editor for H-Luso-Africa - Inge Ruigrok, CEDIS, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Network Editor for H-Luso-Africa - Aurora Almada e Santos, Instituto de História Contemporânea da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Network editor for H-Maghrib - Jacob Mundy, Colgate University
Network editor for H-Medieval - Emily Izer, Harvard University
Network editor for H-Mideast-Politics - Pranav Prakash, University of Iowa
Network editor for H-Migration - Eric H Limbach, University of Rochester
Network editor for H-Migration - Stacy Fahrenthold, Williams College
Network editor for H-Migration - Mari Haugaa Engh, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Advisory board for H-Nationalism - Jill Vickers, Retired from Carleton University
Advisory board for H-Nationalism - Joep Leerssen, University of Amsterdam
Review Editor for H-Nationalism - Cristian Cercel, Centre for Advanced Study (Sofia)
Review Editor for H-Nationalism - Melanie Hoewer, University College Dublin
Network Editor for H-Peace - Jeremy Wells, Texas State University
Network Editor for H-Peace - Guy Aiken, University of Virginia
Network editor for H-Pietism - Karen Auman, Brigham Young University
Network editor for H-Pietism - Peter Yoder, Berry College
Network editor for H-Pietism - Daniel Christensen, Biola University
Review editor for H-Pietism - Daniel Christensen, Biola University
Network editor for H-Quilts - Brooke Bryan, Antioch College
Network Editor for H-Rhetor - Andrew Iliadis, Purdue University
Network Editor for H-Russia - Orel Beilinson, Harari College Worldwide
Network Editor for H-Russia - Yelena Kalinsky, Michigan State University
Network Editor for H-Russia - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Network Editor for H-Russia - Dinah Jansen, Queen's University (Canada)
Network Editor for H-Russia - Douglas Priest, Michigan State University
Network Editor for H-Russia - David Wagner, University of California
Review Editor for H-Russia - Eva M. Stolberg, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Network Editor for H-Texas - Jean Stuntz, West Texas A&M University
Network editor for H-Texas - Joseph Locke, University of Houston-Victoria
Network editor for H-Texas - Light T. Cummins, Austin College
Network Editor for H-Texas - Jesus F. de la Teja, Texas State University
Network editor for H-SHGAPE - Erika Smith, Nichols College
Network editor for H-SHGAPE - Ellen Litwicki, SUNY Fredonia
Network editor for H-SHGAPE - Jeremy C. Young, Grand Valley State University
Review editor for H-Swahili - Kuria Githiora, Bethesda lutherna communities
Network Editor for H-Water - Jonathan Hill Jr, City University of New York: Graduate Center
Network Editor for H-Water - Aditya Ramesh, School of Oriental and African Studies (London)
Review Editor for H-Women - Yoana Pavlova, Technical University (Bulgaria)
Review Editor for H-Women - Maureen MacLeod, Mercy College

With gratitude also to Patrick Cox (VP for Networks) and Robert Cassenello (VP for Research and Publications) for their work in recruiting and mentoring these new leaders in the H-Net Commons.

Randolph Hollingsworth, Ph.D.
H-Net President

Wait a minute! In the past, I have recruited many network editors but the gratifying thing about this list of new folks is that most of them were NOT recruited by me! They've been sent to me by existing network editors who did the recruiting themselves. To me this suggests editors are settling into the Commons, realizing the potential for their Networks, and finding the new folks who can join them in the effort to build on what we have. It's a wonderful indicator of strong network health and a sign of great things to come. I extend my welcome to H-Net as well, along with my gratitude to both new editors and veterans for all you're doing!

Yes, welcome to all the new editors! One small correction: Dr. Krisztina Lajosi-Moore has joined the reviews team on H-Nationalism. Readers can read her introduction here.