New review editors, network editors and advisory board members - as of January 2015

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Our Vice-President for Networks, Patrick Cox, and Vice-President for Research & Publications, Robert Cassenello, have been working hard to support all the H-Net networks - and I want to congratulate them together with Managing Editors Jesse Draper and Yelena Kalinsky. Since January of this year, we have seen our international scholarly community here at H-Net grow in very exciting ways.

The H-Net Council has approved so far in the 2015 calendar year 64 review editors, network editors and advisory board members for the following networks: H-Afro Am, H-AMCA (3), H-AmIndian, H-AmRel, H-ArtHist (2), H-Atlantic, H-Borderlands (2), H-Childhood (4), H-Education (5), H-French-Colonial (3), H-Gender-Mideast, H-Genocide (4), H-Grad (3), Hapsburg, H-Histsex, H-Iowa, H-Low Countries, H-Luso-Africa, H-Maghrib, H-Mideast-Politics, H-Medieval, H-Nationalism (4), H-Peace, H-Pietism (2), H-Quilts, H-Rhetor, H-Russia (7), H-SHGAPE (3), H-Texas (4), and H-Water (2).

These newly approved H-Net network leaders come from all over the world: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada (3), Germany (2), Ireland, Israel, Italy (2), Mexico, Portugal (2), Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom (4), U.S.A. (44).

And while most all of these individuals are currently affiliated with a college or university (including a professor emeritus), several others are also affiliated with a Graduate Institute (3), and one from a state government agency.

Please join me in congratulating all of these individuals who are helping to move the H-Net community forward.

Randolph Hollingsworth, Ph.D., H-Net President
University of Kentucky

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