New Strategic Plan for H-Net 2020 has been posted

Greetings, it is my great pleasure as the outgoing Past-President of H-Net Council to announce the posting of the 2020 Strategic Plan for H-Net. I encourage all of our readers, subscribers and network leadership to review the new plan that the Council has in place to articulate the direction in which we want to move forward as a community.

Re: Academic Content

Along similar lines, here's a project that was announced on a few H-Net networks. It's a pretty rich website made by an academic to go along with his latest academic book. It seems he's figured out the old book publishing model lacks a few things and maybe can't tell the whole story. But what if the author doesn't know how to build websites?

Digital literacy: competencies performed in specific technologies or a must-have skill for the 21st century?

Have you seen the latest issue of JOLT?  In the most recent issue of MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT), you'll find a couple of interesting articles on the concepts of digital literacy... or eLiteracy, computer literacy, media literacy... We all use different terms for basically the same concept in our policy documents or in teaching/learning practices.

New review editors, network editors and advisory board members - as of January 2015

Our Vice-President for Networks, Patrick Cox, and Vice-President for Research & Publications, Robert Cassenello, have been working hard to support all the H-Net networks - and I want to congratulate them together with Managing Editors Jesse Draper and Yelena Kalinsk

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