The Art of the Review

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Greetings editors, 
I am Robert Cassanello VP of Research and Publications at H-Net. As many of you know one of the signature projects at H-Net is the reviews program which was first launched in 1993. Although the interface and interactivity of H-Net has changed since that time, the reviews program has not. 
During my time as VP I wanted to create a project that would bring attention to the reviews program here at H-Net and I am pleased to announce soon we will be launching a podcast called The Art of the Review. The podcast will be produced and distributed over the course of the next year as a way to examine reviewing in the Age of the H-Net Review. We plan to cover topics central to reviewing that feature reviews from the H-Net online vaults as well as staff, reviewers and review editors. 
What we would really like to do is hear about your networks and the reviews programs you have worked on over the years. So I invite you to contact me if you want to share your experience and your network's experience with us for this podcast series. We have the ability to record anyone over the phone including multiple people at one time. If you want to participate, even if you are unsure what you can contribute please contact me. Everyone has a story about reviewing or wisdom they can share and we will record it for the podcast series. 
The series will end in the summer of 2016 and will be available through H-Net, iTunes and other podcast download services. 
Please contact me at 
I look forward to hearing from you. 

We will house the project at the new network H-Podcast.


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