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Hey folks!

I’m Patrick Cox, H-Net’s Vice-President for Networks. I’ll be using this space to keep all the editors up to speed on what I’m up to. Partially, I’ll be sharing with you all the quarterly reports I share with Council, which generally includes info on new editors and new networks. I chair the Editorial Affairs Committee (EAC) where new ideas percolate for H-Net all the time so I’ll also be using this space (among others) to let you know about new things we have in mind as they come up. (The EAC is the crew behind the World War I network, for example.) And you can expect me to use this space to bumptiously pontificate on all things H-Net from time to time as well.

Lately, I’ve been recruiting editors to fill vacancies on editorial boards on some of our networks. I only do this when a network has no active editors, so by “vacancies on editorial boards” I really mean “no editorial boards.” I look out for people with the field expertise to handle the content of the given network as well as a degree of tech-savvy, interest content development, and willingness to collaborate on a team of editors.

In 2015, Council has certified 46 new network editors, roughly half of whom were nominated by current editorial boards all over H-Net and the other half of whom were recruited by me to revive 13 networks without editors. I’m pretty excited to see so many willing to join our endeavor. They come to us aware of what the Commons can do and with ideas for using all it has to offer. It bodes well for our future. Welcome to them all!

And thanks to all the editors who have been around awhile. At its core, H-Net is a bunch of volunteer editors who bring their time and expertise to their networks. Without what you do, H-Net just wouldn’t exist. I appreciate it, and I know all your subscribers do as well.


H-Net Vice-President for Networks

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