Visiting the H-Net Home Office - on a Friday Afternoon, No Less!

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Yes, they are real and very much alive and working for us all... on a Friday afternoon, too! Jesse Draper, Yelena Kalinsky and Dennis Boone were to greet me at Michigan State University late in the day when I finally arrived. A long drive from Kentucky straight up I-75 which seems to be mostly under construction, but I made it! And they graciously showed me around the Home Office - a large room in the bottom floor of the Old Horticulture Building with rows of shelves for books waiting for reviewers and work stations waiting for the interns who help out with the announcements and help desk. It was fun to get to see them in person - sad to have missed Peter Knupfer who was gone on a fiddling spree in Connecticut. I walked out with a nice gift: a couple of the new (purple!) H-Net coffee mugs. I took a selfie in the shiny label on the door - yes, I'm a big fan of H-Net!

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