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Greetings.  One of my students is seeking detailed information about the doctrinal differences between the Anglican church and the Catholic Church for the period of the 1650s-60s.  We have found a number of documents from the Elizabethan and early Stuart eras (such as the 39 Articles, and the Elizabethan Homilies of 1623), but nothing specifically on the policies and doctrine of the periods immediately preceeding and following the Restoration.  In particular, he is looking for material on the services of the post-Laudian Anglican church, the rites or rituals as in use up to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, and the installation of Archbishops in October of 1660.  Some of his specific questions involve the former sacraments, which were no longer considered sacraments, but were they an optional item?

References and resource material would be greatly appreciated.

Keywords: England