Request: Courses and readings on Women in the Military and Women and War?

Minerva susbscribers:

I'd like to start a discussion about course texts and syllabi now offered about Women in the Military and Woman and War.

Do you have a course that you are using to discuss Women and War and/or Women in the Military? 

What primary and secondary sources are you using? How effective have they been for your students?

What projects do your students use to better understand these issues?

Are you incorporating any movies, videos, documentaries, oral histories or other material in your course?

Do you have any syllabi you could share? 

Remember the Fallen: February

Submission by Noonie Fortin.

This month please remember these women who died during February while serving our country in or during war times:


1 Feb 1968:           CIVILIAN Ruth Thompson, missionary, VIETNAM

1 Feb 1968:           CIVILIAN Carolyn Griswald, missionary, VIETNAM

1 Feb 1968:           CIVILIAN Ruth Wilting, missionary, VIETNAM

3 Feb 2005:           CIVILIAN Carmen Christina Urdaneta, 32, humanitarian, AFGHANISTAN


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