Remember the Fallen: October

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This month please remember these women who died during October while serving our country in or during war times:


1 Oct 1918:           ANC Ethel Leach, died at Edgewood Arsenal, MD

1 Oct 1943:           CIVILIAN Nurse Martha Thurmond, possibly N Africa

1 Oct 1943:           CIVILIAN Nurse Virginia Link, N Africa

1 Oct 2003:           USA PFC Analaura Esparza Gutierrez, 21, IRAQ

1 Oct 2003:           USA SPC Tamarra Joharidelonda Ramos, 24, IRAQ

1 Oct 2006:           NYARNG SGT Denise A Lannaman, 46, non-combat gunshot, KUWAIT

1 Oct 2007:           USN MASA Apprentice Shayna Ann Schnell, 19, non-combat vehicle accident, Dubai

1 Oct 2012:           USA SGT Donna R Johnson, 29, suicide bomber, AFGHANISTAN

1 Oct 2015:          USMM Danielle Randolph, 34, lost at sea on El Faro

1 Oct 2015:          CIVILIAN Mariette Wright, 51, lost at sea on El Faro

2 Oct 1918:           ANC Flora Ruth, died at Camp Pike, AR

2 Oct 1944:           WASP Marie Michell Robinson, WW II

2 Oct 1969:           CIVILIAN Hannah E. Crews, American Red Cross, VIETNAM

2 Oct 1969:           CIVILIAN Dr. Breen Ratterman, USAID, VIETNAM

2 Oct 2015:          USAF A1C Kcey E Ruiz, 21, plane crash, AFGHANISTAN

3 Oct 1944:           WASP Peggy Wilson Martin, WW II

3 Oct 2004:           USA SSG Gina R Sparks, 35, non-combat incident, died at Fort Polk, LA

3 Oct 2012:           USA SGT Camella M Steedley, 31, died in AFGHANISTAN

4 Oct 1918:           ANC Rose Rapp, died during WWI

5 Oct 1943:           WASP Virginia C. Moffatt, WW II

5 Oct 2007:           USAR SPC Rachael L Hugo, 24, IRAQ

6 Oct 2004:           ILARNG SPC Jessica Lynn Cawvey, 21, IRAQ

6 Oct 2011:           USA SGT Catalina M Ruiz, 27, murdered at Fort Bragg

6 Oct 2013:           USA 1LT Jennifer Moreno, 25, IED, AFGHANISTAN

7 Oct 2010:           USA SGT Amanda A Sheldon, 24, suicide, Cape Fear, NC

8 Oct 1918:           ANC Florence Leclare, pneumonia, Camp Devens, MA

8 Oct 1918:           ANC Grace Buell, WWI

10 Oct 2007:        USAR SSG Lillian (Cobbin) Clamens, 35, IRAQ

11 Oct 2004:        USA SGT Pamela G. Osbourne, 38, IRAQ

11 Oct 2008:        USMC SGT Denise M Quintero SanFillipo, 25, died 2 weeks after giving birth to daughter in Camp Pendleton

11 Oct 2015:        USAF MAJ Phyllis J Pelky, 45, helicopter crash, AFGHANISTAN

12 Oct 2000:        USN CSSN Lakeina Monique Francis, 19, USS Cole, ADEN, YEMEN

12 Oct 2000:        USN SN Lakiba Nicole Palmer, 22, USS Cole, ADEN, YEMEN

12 Oct 2014:        USA SGM Jody A George, 48, died from Agent Orange complications, Temple, TX

13 Oct 2012:        USA SPC Brittany B Gordon, 24, IED, AFGHANISTAN

14 Oct 2006:        USA SPC Latosha B. Vines, 22, struck by train, Germany

14 Oct 2006:        USA PFC Lena Karungi, 21, struck by train, Germany

15 Oct 1898:        Army Contract Nurse Carolina Wolfe (Nun—Sister Caroline), Typhoid Fever, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR

15 Oct 2005:        USAF SSG Elizabeth M Johnson, 22, buried in FL

16 Oct 1944:        WASP Marjorie “Margie” Laverne Davis, WW II

16 Oct 1944:        WASP Jeanne Lewellen Norbeck, WW II

17 Oct 1898:        Army Contract Nurse Margaret Greenfield, Typhoid Fever, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR

18 Oct 2006:        USN Jeanne “Linda” Michel, 33, suicide in her home, Clifton Park, NY

19 Oct 2008:        USMC L/CPL Stacy Dryden, 22, IRAQ

19 Oct 2009:        USAF A1C Lauren Lagudi, 20, struck by train in Italy

20 Oct 1970:        CIVILIAN Gloria Redlin, Catholic Relief Services, VIETNAM

21 Oct 1918:        ANC Flossie E Brownlee, died in NYC

21 Oct 1944:        USA ANC LT Frances Slanger, WW II

22 Oct 1915:        ANC Margaret Hamilton, WWI

22 Oct 1944:        USA ANC 2LT Sara Vance, Italy, WW II

22 Oct 2007:        USN MASN Anamarie Sannicolas Camacho, 20, murdered by US sailor, Bahrain

22 Oct 2007:        USN MASN Genesia Mattril Gresham, 19, murdered by US sailor, Bahrain

22 Oct 2010:        USA SSG Aracely Gonzalez O’Malley, 31, non-combat incident, AFGHANISTAN

22 Oct 2011:        NCARNG 1LT Ashley I (White) Stumpf, 24, IED, AFGHANISTAN

23 Oct 1898:        Army Contract Nurse Mary Sweeney (Nun—Sister Mary Agnes), Typhoid Fever, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR

23 Oct 2004:        CIVILIAN Jamie Michalsky, 23, interpreter, AFGHANISTAN

25 Oct 1994:        USN LT Kara Hultgreen, 26, plane crash aboard USS Abraham Lincoln

25 Oct 2003:        USN FN Jakia Sheree Cannon, 20, IRAQ

25 Oct 2008:        USA PFC Cori Feltner, 22, died in St Louis hotel enroute to her first assignment in Korea

25 Oct 2009:        USA Eduviges G Wolf, 24, AFGHANISTAN

26 Oct 1918:        ANC Hannah L Burden, pneumonia, Camp Sherman, OH

26 Oct 1944:        WASP Gertrude V. Tompkins-Silver, WW II

26 Oct 1968:        CIVILIAN Rosalyn Muskat, Army Special Services, VIETNAM

26 Oct 2003:        USA PFC Rachel K. Bosveld, 19, IRAQ

28 Oct 1898:        Army Contract Nurse Clara Ward, Typhoid Fever, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR

28 Oct 2005:        MOARNG 1LT Debra (Butler) Banaszak, 35, non-combat incident, KUWAIT

29 Oct 2009:        USCG AET2 Monica L Beacham, 29, plane/chopper crash in Pacific

31 Oct 1918:        ANC Grace Copland, WWI


You can learn a little more about these women as well as those who died in The Pentagon on 9/11/01 and in the Oklahoma City bombing by going to my webpages honoring them at:


If I have left anyone off--kindly let me know. I am still trying to find exact dates for those who died in earlier wars--those women will be listed each January if I can't find any other dates.


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