Does anyone know of any information relating to the soviet female bomber pilots that served during WWII? They're best known as the Night Witches.

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My research is specifically focused on the 46th Taman Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment (the Night Witches) but I do comparisons between that unit and the other two female units (the 586th Fighter Aviation Regiment and the 125th Guard Bombers Aviation Regiment.   A shorter version of my thesis research is published here:


If anyone knows of any communication sent to the US that proved that the US was aware that there were female pilots serving in combat, please let me know!

Hi, Yasmine,
I don't know about US communications about the Night Witches, but I assume you've watched the 1981 documentary about them (it's called Night Witches and is available at There was evidently an attempt to make a theatrical film a few years ago but I haven't been able to figure out if it is actually in production or not.

I'm working on co-authored book about depictions of military women in film and will keep my eye out for more information.

Deborah Deacon
Dean, Harrison Middleton University